An Interesting Note

Hello Lovelies!

Since I can’t really have a radio here in my office, I often listen to videos on YouTube. I like the half-hour documentary style show Forensic Files and have started listening/watching those since the show I really wanted to listen to/watch was cut off from YouTube (City Confidential). I don’t have any sort of pattern to my listening/watching; I just click on whatever is next in line. The one I’m on this morning seems to stem from an incident in 2000. I find it interesting that one of the women involved in the story refers to the woman she lived with in 2000 as her lover – they were in love and “it was real” – but the narrator and everyone else refers to the second woman merely as a roommate. We’ve certainly come a long way in 16 years!

If you’re interested in seeing the episode…


Back to School… Back to Bullying?

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday afternoon, my girlfriend shared on Facebook one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve seen in a while. It was of a young boy, Jonah, about to start the 8th grade. The entire video was music and him tearfully sharing words on index cards. In his words, Jonah talked about cutting himself (he showed scars) since the 2nd grade. He talked about being bullied since that time too. He had only one friend left; everyone else hated him. He admitted hating himself too: because he’s gay. He was scared to start school again.

I decided to search online to see if there was any word of whether he’d survived and thrived or if he wound up killing himself to escape. I am thrilled beyond measure to report that no only did Jonah survive bullying, but he seems to have his own channel on YouTube. And he’s grown into a beautiful young man.

Watching that video reminded me that I could and should write something about it on my blog. Beginning this week and throughout the next month or so, schools across the nation will begin again. And there will be hundreds of kids like Jonah – both gay and straight, male and female – who are bullied because something about them is different. Being different shouldn’t be a social crime. Imagine a world if we were all the same. How dull and boring would that be?

I’m challenging anyone who stops here and reads this post to talk to one child or teen in your life about bullying. He or she doesn’t have to be the victim or the one doing the bullying. Standing by and doing nothing is just as bad as the one who bullies. Someone needs to be told every time that bullying happens or it will never stop. No child should fear leaving their home for what they might experience nor should they ever feel that the only means of escape is to end their own life.


And the list goes on

I’m so sorry. I completely forgot about this list that I was aiming to reach 101 on.

So here I am in the 5th set of 10 things you probably could care less about knowing about the author of this blog. By now it’s a personal goal to see if I can ultimately come up with 101 things. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 (in case you’re dying to know the first 40 things).

41. I was stopped once by a woman I believe to have been a truant officer when I was in middle school.
42. I skipped out of school only once when I was in high school.
43. I once hung up on my 6th grade teacher when she called my house to talk to my mother about my behaviour in class.
44. I believe you’re never too old for cartoons.
45. I am oddly fascinated by the videos on YouTube featuring Kracie and other Japanese candies.
46. I often bite the inside of my bottom lip while eating. I get this “skill” from my father.
47. Although I do not like 20th Century history, I am fascinated by Art Deco.
48. I miss my grandmothers’ cooking. Both of them are deceased and each had things they cooked that I loved to eat.
49. I want to live in a tree house someday. Fortunately so does my girlfriend.
50. I don’t like lemon pie or lemon anything else, except for lemonade and lemon flavoured candy.

Nickelodeon Star Comes Out as Gay

Okay I know no one really is surprised by this. And we also won’t be surprised if there’s a Conservative group that decides to boycott Nickelodeon for having a gay star on children’s television. I mean after all, he’s trying to brainwash our kids into being gay, right?

I have to admit, though, that “Fred” was a stupid idea. Surely he can find something better…?

“Fred” is out of the closet.

Lucas Cruikshank, 19, one of the biggest original YouTube stars of all time, told the world he was gay in a video he posted Tuesday to — wait for it — YouTube.

The young actor from Nebraska, who rose to fame as the star of his own online series “Fred,” posted a video of himself in bed alongside his good friend Jennifer Veal (of Disney Channel’s “Jessie”), in which he shared with the world that he’s attracted to the same sex.

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