I Love Vince Gill

I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am 100% Lesbian, but after reading this article (haven’t seen the video because it’s blocked by servers at work) I can say that I love Vince Gill. 😀 He had the balls to confront WBC who were protesting at a recent concert of his.

This is the best part:

“Vince Gill, what in the world are you doing out here?” a WBC member can be heard asking, in a video of the confrontation uploaded to YouTube. “But, more importantly, what are you doing with another man’s wife?”

“I came out to see what hatred really looked like in the face,” Gill responded.

If you want to know what hatred looks like, look at every single member of WBC. They epitomize hatred. They love it, they feed on it, they wholly embrace it. They teach it to their children.

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NOH8 Campaign

I’ve added a second new link over to the right after reading an article about an ex-WBC member’s wedding. She is doing amazing things since she removed herself from the insanity of the Westboro Baptist Church and I hope everyone will visit her site and find inspiration.

I hope Mrs Lauren Kagan has a long and wonderful marriage full of love and support.

No one from Lauren Drain’s family attended her wedding. The ex-Westboro Baptist Church member was thrown out of the cultish organization in 2008, which is famous for its homophobic views. They share their opinions with the world through hateful protests, often at military funerals and other inappropriate occasions. Drain celebrated her marriage to David Kagan, a web designer, on August 2nd.

Drain was kicked out of the Kansas-based church just before her 22nd birthday, leaving three younger siblings behind. She told Business Insider that though she invited her family members who are still part of WBC, they did not respond. In lieu of her family, her friends and fellow WBC ex-members Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper, gave her away, as she explained in a reddit thread titled, “My father is in a cult & wouldn’t attend my wedding, so two ex-cult members & close friends who also escaped stepped in to take his role & give me away.” They are the granddaughters of founding pastor, Fred Phelps, who left the church earlier this year.

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