MP Voted Yes for Same-Sex Marriage After Son Died

This is one of many emotionally charged stories from Australia about their YES vote for same-sex marriage. I’m sure this woman’s son is looking down on her and knows what she did and that she did it for him. Love wins!

After more than a decade of debate, 13 million votes and $122m spent, Australia finally enshrined in law the right of all its citizens to marry the person they love.

MPs of opposing parties broke into spontaneous celebration – singing, cheering, even crying as the law was passed.

The public gallery serenaded politicians with a very unparliamentary rendition of ‘I am Australian’ without censure from the speaker.

These were not usual scenes for any parliament, let alone Australia’s notoriously rowdy chamber, as same-sex marriage was voted through almost unanimously.

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PM Considers Special Laws To Bring On Marriage Equality

Would love to hear from any lgbt Aussies or supporters!

The Turnbull government is considering passing legislation that would lock in the results of a nationwide plebiscite on marriage equality.

The Australian Financial Review has reported the government will pass legislation before the plebiscite to make the result automatic.

Government backbencher Warren Entsch told the AFR the legislation would outline the exact change to the Marriage Act and contain a provision that would automatically alter the act if the national vote was successful.

Entsch also said the legislation would set a timeframe for the plebiscite.

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A Conscience Vote On Marriage Equality Just Got A Whole Lot Closer

Come on Australia! Jump in the equality pool!! The water is colorful!! ❤

Two Liberal Party backbenchers appear to be forcing a conscience vote on marriage equality, with August 18 set aside for the government to decide the issue.

Sky News political editor David Speers broke the news on Wednesday afternoon, revealing Warren Entsch and Teresa Gambaro would co-sponsor a marriage equality bill that will be introduced on August 11.

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