Gay Man to Challenge Kim Davis in Election

If a transgender woman can win an office in Virginia (state level) and Minnesota (city level), I say this man should go for it with all the gusto he can manage. People full of hate like Kim Davis will soon learn. Of course Alabama is proof that criminal actions or spending time behind bars isn’t a hindrance for thousands of voters.

A man refused a license to marry his fiancé by Kim Davis is preparing to stand against her in next year’s election.

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is set to re-run for election in 2018, despite her extreme opposition to LGBT rights and being put behind bars for contempt of court.

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Danica Roem: VA’s Newest State Lawmaker

Virginia needs to change its state motto to one of two new ideas:

  1. Go big or go home.
  2. Love is love is love (in the same vein as Virginia is for lovers)

They went and elected themselves a transgender woman to a position long held by a social conservative who proudly touted his role as Virginia’s “chief homophobe”. You done well Virginia and I hope Ms Roem does well by you.

Virginia’s most socially conservative state lawmaker was ousted from office Tuesday by Danica Roem, a Democrat who will be one of the nation’s first openly transgender elected officials and who embodies much of what Del. Robert G. Marshall fought against in Richmond.

The race focused on traffic and other local issues in suburban Prince William County but also exposed the nation’s fault lines over gender identity. It pitted a 33-year-old former journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against a 13-term incumbent who called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe” and earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee.

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Federal Appeals Court Considers Trans Student’s Right To Use Boys Restroom

Though I’m no fan of Virginia at the moment, I truly hope there’s a good outcome for this young man. I have little faith in the justice system, as well, so a large part of me doesn’t believe the judgement will be favorable, but I guess you never know. Maybe that they were asking probing questions means something. And I’m glad they aren’t inclined to dismiss the case, either.

RICHMOND, Virginia — A federal appeals court on Wednesday heard oral arguments in the case of a transgender student fighting to use the boys restroom at his high school — the highest court in the U.S. legal system to hear such a case amid a national debate over transgender access to restrooms.

At the center of the case is Gavin Grimm, a 16-year-old transgender boy who sat in the front row of the gallery, his mother’s arm over his shoulder, while a three-judge panel peppered lawyers with questions that ranged from arcane to graphic.

The underlying question before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is simple: Do existing laws that ban discrimination on the basis of sex — specifically, Title IX, which bans the practice in publicly funded schools — apply to transgender students? If they do, Grimm could prevail in his lawsuit to overturn a Gloucester County School Board policy that restricts students to restrooms reflecting their “biological gender.”

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VA Lawmakers Want To Inspect Children’s Private Parts To Make Sure They Use The Proper Bathrooms

Virginia: Home of the Largest Population of Pedophiles in the USA!!

Republican lawmakers in the state of Virginia seem intent on one-upping Indiana in their quests to publicly shame trans people.

Earlier this week, lawmakers in the Hoosier State introduced a bill that would fine transgender adults $5000–yes, $5,000–for using public restrooms. Now, lawmakers in Virginia want to create a similar law that applies to trans children.

House Bill 663 was filed with the Virginia state legislature earlier this week by Republican Del. Mark Cole. The bill seeks to prohibit elementary and high school students who identify as trans from using the restrooms or locker rooms that don’t match their “anatomical sex.”

According to the bill, a student’s “anatomical sex” is “the physical condition of being male or female, which is determined by a person’s anatomy.”

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Judge Throws Out Key Argument In Transgender Student Restroom Case

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA — A federal judge on Monday dismissed one of the key legal arguments brought by lawyers for a transgender student suing to use the boys restroom at his Virginia high school. Stating that being transgender is a “mental disorder” and that he worries for student privacy in restrooms, U.S. District Court Judge Robert Doumar warned Gavin Grimm’s attorneys that they now face “an uphill battle.”

Grimm, who attends Gloucester High School, argued he must be allowed to use school bathrooms that correspond with his gender identity under Title IX of the Education Act of 1972, which bans discrimination based on sex. Grimm’s argument is hardly an exception: The federal government has weighed in repeatedly in recently years — in letters, in court briefs, and to settle complaints — to say Title IX bans transgender discrimination as a form of sex discrimination.

But Doumar announced midway through Monday’s hearing that he was throwing out that argument. “Your case in Title IX is gone, by the way,” he told ACLU staff attorney Joshua Block, who argued on Grimm’s behalf. “I have chosen to dismiss Title IX. I decided that before we started.”

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Here’s What Happens If The Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Cases

Let’s all hope that the Supreme Court declines to hear these cases. That would then mean over half of the states have legalized same-sex marriage. Woohoo!!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fastest and surest path to marriage for same-sex couples in some parts of the United States would be for the Supreme Court to surprise everyone and decline to get involved in the issue right now.

A decision by the justices to reject calls from all quarters to take up same-sex marriage would allow gay and lesbian couples in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin to begin getting married almost immediately. Rulings in their favor have been put on hold while the Supreme Court considers their cases.

And if the high court leaves those rulings in place, same-sex couples almost certainly would win the right to marry in six other states in short order because those states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — would be bound by the same appeals court decisions.

That would bring to 30 the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal, plus the District of Columbia.

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SCOTUS meets to consider taking gay marriage cases

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court met behind closed doors on Monday to consider whether they should take up the hotly contested question of whether states can ban gay marriage.

The court has seven cases pending before it concerning bans in five states: Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Indiana. If the court agrees to take one or more of the cases it has the chance to rule when, if ever, gay men and women in the 31 states that now bar them from marrying could get marriage licenses.

An announcement on whether the court will hear the same-sex marriage dispute could come later this week. But given the weight of the controversy and that the justices only in recent weeks received the petitions, an announcement could come at a later point. The court officially reconvenes next Monday for its new term, which runs until the end of June.

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Virginia prepares for possibility of gay marriage

Well Girls and Boys, I think we may have another state on our side. Naturally the fight won’t end with marriage being made legal in Virginia, but it’s a step in the right direction.

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Virginia officials are preparing for the possibility that same-sex couples will be able to wed in the state Thursday by drafting a revised marriage license form for courthouse clerks to use as soon as they open their doors.

The state’s ban on same-sex marriages was struck down by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which decided not to delay its ruling while it is appealed. Unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes, same-sex marriages will be legal beginning at 8 a.m. Thursday.

The revised license forms “would reflect the constitutional right of same-sex couples to legally marry in Virginia by asking for the name and gender of each spouse, whereas before, the form required a bride and groom because that was all the Commonwealth could legally recognize,” Michael Kelly, a spokesman for the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, said in an email to The Associated Press.



VA State Tennis Champ Comes Out to His High School on Twitter

While I love, a lot of their stories are told through photos and animated gifs. So, I’m only going to share the intro and you can follow the link to the story and see the pics and read the guy’s tweet.

Michael Dougras, a senior at Salem High School, won the Virginia AA state high school championship as a Junior last year.

He’ll be going back to defend his title this year as a senior.

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VA Lt. Gov. has Own Brand of “Respect”

Well if Mr Jackson thinks he can respect me by calling me “sick”, I can “respect” him by calling him an ignorant bastard. Right? 🙂

After tape was played on Virginia local ABC-affiliate WJLA of E.W. Jackson calling LGBT people “frankly very sick” and “perverted,” the candidate for Lt. Gov. of Virginia said you could “absolutely” reconcile the “notion of respect” with his comments.

Video of interview here: Source