Mormon Mom Opened an LGBT Center in Provo

This is a beautiful story to read. A woman reaching out despite what her church teaches or expects her to believe and who has six children she’s trying to raise, reaches out to kids she has no connection to to help make their lives better. ❤

Stephenie Larsen is a busy mother of six. When she isn’t wheeling across town, dropping her kids off at school or sports, she runs a support network for gay youth.

Larsen opened the nonprofit Encircle LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center in downtown Provo, Utah, in February. The center aims to be a safe, open environment for LGBTQ people in this deeply religious community, and offers individual therapy and group counseling services, as well as a variety of daily activities.

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12 yo girl comes out to her Mormon church

This girl has more guts than many adults. And she is wise beyond her years for understanding that her god made her the way she is. She didn’t choose to be gay. Who among us would really wake up one day and decide, ‘I think I’ll do something to make the world hate me for the rest of my life.’

A 12-year-old girl defied all expectations and came out as a lesbian to her Mormon church.

Savannah Ward from Utah took the stand at the churches monthly Fast and Testimony meeting at the church.

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Transgender Woman Elected (D) Nominee In Utah Senate Race

I have to say this surprises me considering how much the Mormon church is against LGBT, but I’m thrilled to know at least some in the state are open minded enough.

WASHINGTON — Utah Democrats on Tuesday voted for Misty Snow as their party’s nominee for Senate, the first out transgender nominee for Congress from a major party.

On Tuesday, Snow defeated Jonathan Swinton, described by the Salt Lake Tribune as a conservative Democrat and a 35-year-old Mormon marriage therapist.

Snow, the more liberal challenger to Swinton, is described as a cashier at a grocery store currently.

By early Wednesday, she had defeated Swinton 59.4%-40.6% in the returns, with all counties completed.

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Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem.

I have definitely notice that even the likes of Hillary Clinton focus on the massacre of 12 June 2016 as being a terrorist/Muslim crime, but a hate crime. Full stop. End of story.

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox attended a vigil for the victims and gave a speech, which soon went viral, in which he apologized for his past homophobic behavior and thanked the LGBTQ community for being patient with him while he evolved.

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Judge Orders Baby Taken From Foster Parents Because They’re Lesbians

Yet another case of someone within the realm of government imposing his own religious beliefs against a Lesbian couple. When will people grasp the separation of church and state that is vital to the foundation of this country?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah state child welfare officials on Wednesday were reviewing a ruling by a juvenile court judge who ordered a baby to be taken from lesbian foster parents and instead placed with a heterosexual couple for the child’s well-being.

Judge Scott Johansen’s order Tuesday in the central Utah city of Price raised concerns at the Utah Division of Child and Family Services, agency spokeswoman Ashley Sumner said.

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Mormon leaders call for measures protecting gay rights

Well I guess if Mormons can change, anyone can/should. It will be interesting, though, to see how this plays out for them.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Mormon church announced a campaign Tuesday for new laws that protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination while somehow also protecting people who assert their religious beliefs.

“We must find ways to show respect for others whose beliefs, values and behaviors differ from ours while never being forced to deny or abandon our own beliefs, values and behaviors in the process,” a church elder, Jeffrey R. Holland, said in announcing the church’s position.

Mormon leaders did not explain just how it would draw lines between gay rights and religious freedoms, and it’s unclear how much common ground the church will gain with this campaign. The church insists it is making no changes in doctrine, and still believes that sex is against the law of God unless it’s within a marriage between a man and a woman.

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Here’s What Happens If The Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Cases

Let’s all hope that the Supreme Court declines to hear these cases. That would then mean over half of the states have legalized same-sex marriage. Woohoo!!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fastest and surest path to marriage for same-sex couples in some parts of the United States would be for the Supreme Court to surprise everyone and decline to get involved in the issue right now.

A decision by the justices to reject calls from all quarters to take up same-sex marriage would allow gay and lesbian couples in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin to begin getting married almost immediately. Rulings in their favor have been put on hold while the Supreme Court considers their cases.

And if the high court leaves those rulings in place, same-sex couples almost certainly would win the right to marry in six other states in short order because those states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — would be bound by the same appeals court decisions.

That would bring to 30 the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal, plus the District of Columbia.

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SCOTUS meets to consider taking gay marriage cases

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court met behind closed doors on Monday to consider whether they should take up the hotly contested question of whether states can ban gay marriage.

The court has seven cases pending before it concerning bans in five states: Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Indiana. If the court agrees to take one or more of the cases it has the chance to rule when, if ever, gay men and women in the 31 states that now bar them from marrying could get marriage licenses.

An announcement on whether the court will hear the same-sex marriage dispute could come later this week. But given the weight of the controversy and that the justices only in recent weeks received the petitions, an announcement could come at a later point. The court officially reconvenes next Monday for its new term, which runs until the end of June.

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Charges Filed Against LGBT Rights Protesters

Well isn’t this a kick in the pants?

Over six months after LGBT rights protesters blocked a legislative hearing at the Utah State Capitol, prosecutors on Wednesday filed charges against 13 people involved in the demonstration, ABC 4 Utah reported.

The protestors blocked a doorway at the capitol Feb. 10, demanding legislators take up a state a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in the areas of employment and housing — Senate Bill 100. Authorities asked the protestors to leave, but they refused and were arrested. The bill later died in a closed door meeting, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The 13 demonstrators face charges including disrupting a public meeting and suspicion of disorderly conduct, according to the reports. They plan to announce their charges and how they plan to plea in court on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Thursday morning, according to a post on Twitter by Troy Williams, one of the ‘Capitol 13.’

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Utah To Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Recognition Ruling

The Country of Endless Appealing continues the trend. The judges may rule that same-sex marriage is legal, but with the appeals, the fight will go on through the rest of my lifetime resulting in nothing good, in my opinion. There will never be a final answer, but then when has there ever been?

In May, a federal judge ordered Utah to recognize hundreds of gay marriages performed in December and January. This week, the state said it won’t accept the ruling without a fight.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes filed notice in federal court on Wednesday that the state would appeal U.S. District Judge Dale A. Kimball’s ruling validating more than 1,200 same-sex marriages, Fox 13 reports.

Kimball had ruled that the state must legally recognize the hundreds of same-sex marriages performed during a 17-day period beginning Dec. 20, 2013, when the state’s ban on gay marriage was briefly overturned.

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