Meet The First Out Transgender Active Duty U.S. Army Officer

Respectfully, I think she is wrong. Each of us has a story that’s unique. They may be similar in some ways, but each story is our own and wonderfully unique.

WASHINGTON — Jamie Lee Henry is a doctor and major in the Army’s Medical Corps. She also is a transgender woman.

In holding an interview with BuzzFeed News, Henry is the first known active-duty Army officer to come out as transgender. She also is, to her knowledge and to the knowledge of LGBT advocates, the first and only active duty service member who has changed her name and gender within the United States military.

It’s not a secret within the military. When Henry requested that her name and gender be officially changed in mid-March, the Army “actually used female pronouns in the document” that granted the request for the change in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), she said. After receiving that in May, she then used the Army’s response to change her permanent military records in the interactive Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS), as well as in her medical records. The changes came, she said, “I think to the surprise of many, that it was even possible. But it’s been confirmed, it has been changed.”

These steps may sound small and technical, but they are completely new to the military.

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