Dating App Aimed at Lesbians: Her

I’ve never used a dating app and thankfully won’t have to in the future. But why should there be any apps or dating sites for meeting people? I met my girlfriend through an online game we both enjoyed playing. I think there’s a greater success rate in doing what you like and finding someone else who enjoys doing that too. If in the future my girlfriend and I part ways, I still won’t use an app or website for dating. Still, I suppose some women and me (gay OR straight) prefer this kind of thing.

Robyn Exton was at the pub with a heartbroken friend when she realised there was a serious gap in the market for dating apps aimed at queer women.

“I was using some awful lesbian dating sites,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“I was in a pub with a friend, she had broken up with her girlfriend and I was telling her what I was using – I was embarrassed that that was the best thing I could give to her.”

Irritated by sites and apps that “took a site for guys, turned it pink, and called it ‘Lez on Lez’,” Exton decided to do something – and the “Her” app was born.

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This Is What Dating Is Like When You’re LGBT And Disabled

It’s been a while now, but I’ve slept with a blind lesbian before. Nothing exotic or unnatural about it at all. She was quite good, actually. Lol I just don’t understand how people have this disconnect between their brain and mouth and don’t think before they speak.

Charlie Willis was dancing in a gay club with a man he had just met when the man tried to put his hands down Willis’s trousers. “‘What the hell are you doing?’ I said. And he said, ‘Can you even get an erection?’”

Willis, 24, laughs and then scoffs – a snort of derision. As a bisexual man with cerebral palsy – the cluster of neurologically induced movement disorders – Willis has developed a wealth of responses to crass ignorance. There was, for example, the man on Grindr who said, “You’re way too hot to be disabled.” To which Willis replied, “No, mate. I’m too hot to even talk to you.”

A few days before National Coming Out Day, he has invited BuzzFeed News to his flat in Brighton to discuss the routine idiocy he faces from strangers, dates and even partners.

Another man on Grindr sent the following message: “Oh my god, I’ve never slept with a bisexual person before! That must be really exotic!” Willis rolls his eyes. “I was like, What the hell?! There’s nothing about me or my identity that’s exotic! There’s nothing different about the way I sleep with people.”

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Britain Is To Have Its First Gay Old People’s Home

I love Britain. I love how they refer to the elderly as OAPs. Old Age Person. I’m ready to move there with my Beloved and live blissfully. If there are any here, that’s truly news to me. Anyone know of any?

In plans shown exclusively to BuzzFeed News, an “unashamedly ambitious” project with an “iconic architectural design” for up to 150 residents is already in the development stages.

Tonic Housing, the organisation behind the venture, is currently seeking to secure a site, either in London or Brighton, to begin catering for the more-than-a-million LGBT people over the age of 50 in Britain.

Similar homes have already opened in Germany, Sweden, and the USA, and facilities in France and Spain are imminent, but there are as yet no residential provisions in the UK aimed at the LGBT market.

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A Gay Teacher’s Honesty Just Inspired One Of Her Students To Come Out In A Terribly Moving Letter

So sweet! ❤

So Liverpool Pride is this weekend (August 1), and to celebrate the occasion, 31-year-old teacher Emma Baldry decided it was high time to come out to her pupils, particularly since she’d recently changed her name after entering a civil partnership.

“Many of the older pupils started to ask what my husband was called and I had a choice to make,” she told Attitude. “Do I lie or tell the truth? I chose the latter because I’d gone through enough time living as not me, so I promised myself that now that I’ve found out who I truly am, I would never ever hide my sexuality again.”

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19 Reasons Why Manchester Is The Most LGBT-Friendly City In The UK

I’ve been to England three times. Each time I flew into Manchester’s airport as it’s cheaper than London and nearer my friend’s home in Morcambe (just outside of Lancaster). Last time I visited in 2010, I met up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages and spent the night in Manchester. It’s a lovely city and I’m glad to know of it’s friendliness toward LGBT.

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Lesbian couple make history with first same-sex church wedding

I hope these lovely ladies have many many happy years together. I am familiar with the Metropolitan Community Church and find them to be a good group of people.

Two lesbian Christians from Bournemouth have become the first same-sex couple to have a church wedding in the UK.

Jan Tipper and Barb Burden chose not to enter a civil partnership because they wanted to tie the knot “before God” in front of their “church, friends and family”.

The couple, who have been together for 19 years, were married at the Metropolitan Community Church in Bournemouth on Saturday in a service conducted by their pastor, the Reverend Dwayne Morgan, who officiated as a registrar.

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The Guardian Mistakenly Outs Patrick Stewart as Gay

Although he is best buds with another Sir who is gay, Sir Patrick ain’t. Though I’m sure plenty of gay men wish he were. 😉 I’m glad to know that Sir Patrick is the kind of man who takes it all in stride.

In a column for The Guardian, Jane Czyzselska celebrated Ellen Page’s coming out, trumpeting three cheers for her public disclosure and cited Sir Patrick Stewart as an example of a gay actor who praised the “Juno” star for her bravery — one problem, the Star Trek actor isn’t gay. Oops!

‘”Some gay people, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, think Page’s coming out speech is newsworthy because a high-profile and surprisingly politically aware young actress has decided not to play by the rules that so many closeted Hollywood actors are advised to follow if they are to enjoy mainstream success,” Czyzselska wrote. Stewart has been married to jazz singer Sunny Ozell since September 2013.

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