$20 Million Announced For Transgender Causes

This is amazing! I’m happy to see that it’s not just going to stay in the US. There’s a need worldwide.

Two foundations pledged Tuesday to contribute $20 million over five years to organizations in the transgender movement, officials told BuzzFeed News, an unparalleled philanthropic donation to improve quality of life for transgender people around the world.

The dispersement could be a transformational windfall for groups with causes recently enjoying increased visibility — and growing backlash — but have historically had meager financial resources.

Beginning in 2016, the money will be awarded mostly to U.S. groups that focus on transgender issues or are led by transgender individuals, rather than organizations that include transgender issues as part of a broader agenda. The project will expand internationally in following years, particularly in poorer and developing nations.

Among the goals: quelling a rising tide of violence against transgender people, increasing job opportunities, and boosting long-term inclusion of transgender people in society.

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Quebec Still Hasn’t Followed Through On Its Trans Rights Promise

Looks like the US isn’t the only government failing its transgendered citizens. Still, I think Canada will beat us to the punchline, as usual.

Quebec passed Bill 35 in December 2013, a piece of legislation that would mean trans people no longer require invasive surgery before being allowed to change their sex on government documents.

But now, closing in on two years later, nothing has actually changed.

“We have a potential for change but for now nothing has been done,” said Gabrielle Bouchard, the Peer support and Trans advocacy Coordinator for the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

As is, those who wish to change the sex marker on provincial identification must undergo either a hysterectomy or a vaginoplasty. It’s essentially forced sterilization, said Bouchard, in addition to being a violation of a person’s privacy and bodily integrity.

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Indian Supreme Court Recognizes Broad Rights For Transgender People

Wow! I’m just astonished by this. I mean didn’t they just recently overturn something to help homosexuals? I don’t quite understand, but I guess it’s a good thing for transgender people.

A two-judge panel of the Supreme Court of India ruled on Tuesday that the country’s constitution and international human rights law demand that the state recognize an individual’s self-identified gender and take steps to address discrimination and harassment of transgender people.

“We…hold that values of privacy, self-identity, autonomy and personal integrity are fundamental rights guaranteed to members of the transgender community … and the State is bound to protect and recognize those rights,” wrote Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan. In a concurring decision, the other judge on the panel, A.K. Sikri, wrote, “If democracy is based on the recognition of the individuality and dignity of man, as a fortiori we have to recognize the right of a human being to choose his sex/gender identity which is integral his/her personality and is one of the most basic aspect of self- determination dignity and freedom.”

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Transgender Advocate Janet Mock: Piers Morgan “Sensationalized” My Story

I’m sorry for the harm Ms Mock feels her work has been dealt during this interview, but these days pretty much any time you’re on television in an interview situation, it’s going to be sensationalized. Perhaps sometimes it’s done on purpose, but I’m sure that’s not always the case. As I have said on this blog in the past, the only encounters I’ve had with trans women have been online and not very pleasant. Of course it being online there’s a better than average chance they really were men posing as women online. At any rate, if people don’t know how to interact with a M2F or F2M transgendered individual, they will inadvertently ask questions that could very easily be considered rude, when it wasn’t the intention of the asker to be rude. It’s a fine line to walk. Ultimately, I think, those viewers of the interview who are genuinely interested in learning about the work Ms Mock does will buy the book and those who aren’t interested, well, it wouldn’t have mattered much what she said in the actual interview.

WASHINGTON — Transgender advocate Janet Mock accused CNN’s Piers Morgan of seeking to “sensationalize” her life after Morgan and his producers focused intensely on Mock’s past and physical aspects of her transition in an interview coinciding with the release of her book, Redefining Realness.

Morgan ended the first segment of the Piers Morgan Live interview by saying that Mock at one point had to tell the man she was dating that “you used to be yourself a man” — although Mock has never identified as a man.

The on-screen description of Mock was that she “was a boy until age 18,” although she was identifying as a girl in high school, and the Piers Morgan Live Twitter account posed the question during the interview, “How would you feel if you found out the woman you are dating was formerly a man?”

“He’s trying to do info-tainment,” Mock told BuzzFeed Tuesday night. “He doesn’t really want to talk about trans issues, he wants to sensationalize my life and not really talk about the work that I do and what the purpose of me writing this book was about.”

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