SD governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms

Finally someone listening to sense.

Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard, who initially reacted positively to the proposal but said he needed to research the issue, rejected the bill after groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign insisted it was discriminatory.

In his veto message, Daugaard said the bill “does not address any pressing issue” and that such decisions were best left to local school officials. He also noted that signing the bill could create costly liability issues for schools and the state. The ACLU had promised to encourage legal action if the bill became law.

“I am so happy right now. You have no idea,” said 18-year-old Thomas Lewis, a transgender high school student in Sioux Falls. Lewis said he has support at his school, but that the veto shows such support goes beyond his friends.

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South Dakota Lawmaker Proposes Genital Inspections For Trans High School Athletes

So now we’re going to condone child molestation??!! What the fuck is wrong with this country?? Why are people like this pervert being voted into office??!! Makes me want to puke.

South Dakota legislator Roger Hunt (R) offered legislation that could require examination of a transgender athlete’s genitals before competing in high school sports. Hunt has stated that he believes gender begins at conception and that only birth certificates and visual inspections should be used to determine a student’s gender identity.

When speaking about trans students being allowed to compete in high school sports, Hunt said, according to the Rapid City Journal, “This is South Dakota. We haven’t adopted the East Coast culture. We haven’t adopted the West Coast culture. We maintain our own culture.”

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South Dakota’s Attorney General Vows to Battle Elderly Lesbians

Why are people so set against allowing other people happiness and recognition? The opposition hates people so much that they’d do this?!

Nancy and Jennie Rosenbrahn have a simple request for their home state of South Dakota: to have their legal marriage license recognized. But Attorney General Marty Jackley says he’ll oppose them in court if they go through with their plans to sue the state for recognition.

South Dakota is one of only four states with an uncontested marriage-equality ban. (The others are North Dakota, Montana, and Alaska.) The Rosenbrahns have stated their intent to file a suit any day now, and they may be joined by additional couples.

Florida is also fighting senior citizens over marriage recognition. Arlene Goldberg has joined an ACLU case in that state, following the death of her wife Carol Goldwasser. Although they were married in New York in 2011, the state of Florida is blocking Arlene’s access to Carol’s Social Security benefits.

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