Nine LGBT Activists Arrested In China

Our Chinese brothers and sisters should be applauded. Despite the arrests, their Pride March will continue.

Nine LGBT rights activists were arrested in China this week in a rare group arrest — but that isn’t stopping 20-year-old Xiang Xiaohan from going ahead with organizing the country’s second ever LGBT rights march later this month.

Xiang was one of nine people arrested in Beijing in the early morning of May 7 in an unusual group arrest of LGBT activists. They were all released within the day, but the police instructed them to cancel a seminar planned for later that day on registering organizations with the authorities, which would give them formal permission to operate. Such meetings had been allowed to happen before, but security officials were on edge because the 25th anniversary of the 1989 massacre of democracy activists in Tiananmen Square was less than a month away. Several other human rights activists have also been arrested this month, including lawyer Pu Zhiqiang and journalist Gao Yu.

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