5-Year-Old Protests the Westboro Baptist Church

Jayden Sink is my new hero. If a five year old girl can peacefully stand up to the hatred, I think we all can and should. I shouldn’t be surprised that these so-called Christians shouted obscenities at a 5 year old, but I am. They certainly don’t act Christ-like.

For convenience, this is the link to donate to Jayden’s pink lemonade online: Jayden’s Pink Lemonade Stand for Peace

The always controversial Westboro Baptist Church just earned itself another critic, but this one is only a few feet tall and her chosen method of protest is pink lemonade.

On June 14, five-year-old Jayden Sink held her first “Pink Lemonade for Peace” event on the front lawn of the famed Equality Houseā€”a rainbow-wrapped home located directly across the street from Westboro headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

Equality House belongs to one of the founding members of Planting Peace, an organization dedicated to spreading good will. The brightly colored home opened its doors this March in an effort to stage a peaceful counter-protest to the hatred and fear-mongering perpetrated by the Westboro organization.

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