Full disclosure: I love cartoons and animated movies.

One of my favorite cartoons is on Nickelodeon. It’s called The Loud House. It’s about a family of eleven children: one boy and ten sisters. All of the characters have L first names with their surname being Loud. It seems to have slipped under the radar of homophobes, though. The little boy who is the focus of the show – Lincoln Loud – has a best friend called Clyde. Clyde has two fathers. Not only that, they are a bi-racial couple. How awesome is that? What has prompted this post, though, is that on an episode I just watched, wherein all the kids think that they have a secret admirer who has been leaving notes, based on the clues, they narrow it down to Lincoln’s older sister Luna Loud. Throughout the episode she insists that Sam couldn’t be the one leaving the notes, but they all conclude that Luna is the recipient of the notes from Sam. By the end of the episode, however, the kids learn that it was their mother leaving secret admirer notes for their father, which makes them each become proactive in sending secret admirer messages to their crushes. Luna is the final Loud to leave her note and she slips her note into Sam’s locker before splitting. A trio of kids walks down the school hall, one of who is Sam. Turns out that Sam is a girl and the last image we see is Luna smiling as she watched Sam read her note. I thought that was soooo sweet. Seeing that made me love this cartoon even more! ❤


The Loud Family children (Luna is the rockstar on the left in purple)


Last night before the world came crashing down, I was watching cartoons. Yes, I confess, that at 44 I watch cartoons still. This particular show I was watching is on Nickelodeon. It’s called The Loud House and it features the Loud family who have ten girls and one boy. All of their names begin with L. Anyway, as I was watching this episode I saw something amazing and fantastic. Lincoln Loud was having his friend Clyde over for a sleep over – their first one. When Clyde arrived, Lincoln opened the door and – Wow!! – Clyde has two dads! Not only does he have two dads, one’s black and the other is white.  Kudos to Nickelodeon and Nicktoons for taking this groundbreaking step!!

Nickelodeon Star Comes Out as Gay

Okay I know no one really is surprised by this. And we also won’t be surprised if there’s a Conservative group that decides to boycott Nickelodeon for having a gay star on children’s television. I mean after all, he’s trying to brainwash our kids into being gay, right?

I have to admit, though, that “Fred” was a stupid idea. Surely he can find something better…?

“Fred” is out of the closet.

Lucas Cruikshank, 19, one of the biggest original YouTube stars of all time, told the world he was gay in a video he posted Tuesday to — wait for it — YouTube.

The young actor from Nebraska, who rose to fame as the star of his own online series “Fred,” posted a video of himself in bed alongside his good friend Jennifer Veal (of Disney Channel’s “Jessie”), in which he shared with the world that he’s attracted to the same sex.

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