LGBT Candidate Winners in Mid-Terms

Let’s celebrate this return to the Cafe with a highlight of the LGBT winners in this mid-term election cycle.

At the National level:

Colorado has it’s first openly gay governor in Jared Polis.
Kansas elected it’s first Lesbian and Native American to congress in Sharice Davids.
New Hampshire has it’s first gay member of Congress in Chris Pappas.
Another Lesbian was elected to Congress representing Minnesota, Angie Craig.

At the state level:

New Hampshire has a pair of transgender women elected to its House of Representatives – Gerri Canon and Lisa Bunker
Kansas also has Susan Ruiz and Brandon Woodard added to its state legislature.
Malcolm Kenyatta is the first black gay man elected to Pennsylvania’s legislature.
Teri Johnston is Key West, FL’s first lesbian mayor.

And finally, though he is not gay himself, Zach Wahls – who you may recall defended his two moms in 2011 to the Iowa House of Representatives now represents Iowa Senate District 37.

We also saw Massachusettes vote to protect transgender rights.

So not only did the Democrats take back the House of Representatives, both LGBT candidates as well as women in general, won BIG across the country.


Michelle Obama Rocks NH

I am thankful that though I am one woman among four other men, I have never felt sexually threatened at work. However, I have been in a position at a job I had in the late 90s where I was threatened with sexual harassment by a guy I thought I was friends with. Thankfully nothing ever happened. It was merely words, but it could have.

First Lady Michelle Obama completely rocked a speech in New Hampshire about the information which has recently come to light regarding the Republican Party nominee. She is a passionate speech giver. She is an eloquent speech giver. I encourage you to watch this video, but you can skip forward to approximately the 24 minute mark unless, of course, you don’t mind listening to music that plays before the speech begins. ;o)