DirecTV’s NFL Ad Stars A Gay Couple “Just Like Any Other”

This is way awesome! Lol I have a straight female friend who loves football a thousand times more than her husband. I mean he likes his team, but she will watch all NFL. When he’s out on duty (he’s in the Coast Guard), every television in their house stays tuned into ESPN. So it’s perfectly acceptable for two gay guys to love the NFL too. Bravo DirecTV, bravo.

Think about the stereotypical American football fan. What comes to mind? If you’ve been taking cues from what advertisers have been pushing on you for years, you’d probably think of, surprise surprise, straight, beer-swilling men. Well, one satellite provider sent a different message with their latest ad, marking the start of the NFL’s 2015 season: DirecTV’s NFL ad featured a gay couple, cutting against established tropes and norms in a pretty awesome way, while affirming at the same time that it’s not strange at all. As one of the two football fans says at the commercial’s conclusion, “we’re just like any couple, really.”

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Lobbyist “Projects” Dozens Of Members Of Congress Will Back Bill To Ban Gays From NFL

How is it that this idiot thinks he can get the government to tell a company who they can and cannot hire? It’s none of his business.

I think this commenter said it best: “”We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man.”

But playing with dog fighters, wife beaters and convicted felons is totally cool with him.”

WASHINGTON — The Washington lobbyist who announced Monday that he wants to put forward legislation banning gay people from playing in the National Football League told a reporter that the proposal is just about “common decency and civility.”

Told by WJLA-ABC 7’s Mike Conneen that some were suggesting the proposal is a stunt, Jack Burkman insisted, “No, hardly a stunt.”

Prompted by NFL hopeful Michael Sam’s coming out, the conservative Burkman described his proposed legislation, saying, “If someone has come out as a homosexual, what this legislation would do is one of two things: It would ban them from the National Football League. Two, it would give the NFL a choice: It would allow them to create separate facilities, completely separate facilities.”

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