A Transgender “birthday” Party

The struggle for transgender people is world wide. As we lose what little we’ve gained, the rest of the world will follow in our footsteps. Sadly, that just might mean the footsteps that lead down the road of hatred, murder and at the very least, isolation. I had hopes for the future of all of the LGBT community, but I have very little hope now. 😦

At a party in Peshawar, the guests’ saris twirled as they danced to the music and fed each other pieces of cake, but armed police guarding the door indicated this was no normal carefree birthday gathering.

The revellers were transgender, people who run the risk of violence in conservative Muslim Pakistan where they often work as dancers at weddings and other parties but are rarely allowed to hold their own celebrations.

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Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem.

I have definitely notice that even the likes of Hillary Clinton focus on the massacre of 12 June 2016 as being a terrorist/Muslim crime, but a hate crime. Full stop. End of story.

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox attended a vigil for the victims and gave a speech, which soon went viral, in which he apologized for his past homophobic behavior and thanked the LGBTQ community for being patient with him while he evolved.

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The Church of England is hypocritical for opposing equal marriage

Good for him for standing up to CoE!!

Lord Waheed Alli, Labour peer and one of just a handful of openly gay Muslim politicians globally, has said he believes many peers who now oppose same-sex marriage “will probably repent later”.

In an interview with The Independent, Lord Alli argued that is was contradictory for the Church of England to clamour that the bill damages religious freedom, as their opposition to it puts limits on religious groups who want to perform same-sex marriages.

“They argue religious freedom except where they don’t like it,” he said. “They don’t want gay marriage – so that means the Quakers can’t have it or the liberal Jews can’t have it. They’re in a pretty hypocritical place.”

The current same-sex marriage debate reminds Lord Alli of the 1999 House of Lords debate on equalising the age of consent for same-sex relationships – a debate in which he became the first peer to come out as gay.

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