Michael Sam Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend, Vito Cammisano

Hello Lovelies!! Some fantastic news here. 🙂 As you see by the title of the post, Michael Sam is engaged. Normally I don’t bother with celebrity lives or personal stuff, but with Mr Sam I can and do make exception.

Congratulations may be in order for Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, and his longtime boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. According to a TMZ report, the couple recently got engaged.

The engagement took place in Rome, reports Page Six. The couple has been vacationing in Europe since Dec. 30.

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This LSU Fraternity Has A Terrible Sense Of Humor

I call BFS on the response from the fraternity in question. I’m sick to death of people (corporations) mouthing off about something or doing something that they KNOW is offensive, then backpedaling when… OMG someone is offended. This article begins with this statement:

The Louisiana State University chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon will end its “rich tradition” of hanging offensive game day banners…

If you tout it as a rich tradition it’s clearly one you’re proud of, then be men enough to admit you know that your banner is offensive and you really don’t give a flying fuck. Instead we get this from a letter from the bros to the LSU President and Chancellor:

It was never any member of our fraternity’s intention to offend others.


Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You enjoy being offensive so own up to it.

I sincerely hope that each member of that fraternity has to deal with being offended by someone or something in their lives to know how it feels. But I’m guessing they’re too insensitive and wouldn’t realize it if someone were trying to offend them on purpose.

You can see the offensive “banner” on the link below to the Huffington Post’s story.

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Michael Sam Set To Sign With The Dallas Cowboys

I know I posted about this initially back in the Spring since Michael is the first openly gay NFL player, but I haven’t posted since, though I’ve been following the story. I am a fan of football, just not a fanatic. I don’t play fantasy football nor do I leave my television on ESPN all season long. lol

For those who don’t know, Mr Sam was picked during the draft by the St Louis Rams. He was cut from their roster last Saturday as the teams are allowed only a certain number of players. He wasn’t picked up for their ten man practice squad. Some people believe it is due to the NFL’s homophobia while teams are defending themselves claiming it is that they don’t want the media hype that he brings to the team.

Seems the Dallas Cowboys are willing to take the media risk.

Michael Sam, the first out gay player drafted into the NFL, is poised to sign with the Dallas Cowboys, according to multiple reports.

Sam will be brought to Dallas for a physical on Wednesday and then likely assigned to the Cowboys’ practice squad, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Cyd Zeigler of OutSports.

Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams, the team that drafted him, on Saturday afternoon and was passed over by the remaining 31 NFL teams over the weekend. He became a free agent when no team signed him to its practice squad.

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Lobbyist “Projects” Dozens Of Members Of Congress Will Back Bill To Ban Gays From NFL

How is it that this idiot thinks he can get the government to tell a company who they can and cannot hire? It’s none of his business.

I think this commenter said it best: “”We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man.”

But playing with dog fighters, wife beaters and convicted felons is totally cool with him.”

WASHINGTON — The Washington lobbyist who announced Monday that he wants to put forward legislation banning gay people from playing in the National Football League told a reporter that the proposal is just about “common decency and civility.”

Told by WJLA-ABC 7’s Mike Conneen that some were suggesting the proposal is a stunt, Jack Burkman insisted, “No, hardly a stunt.”

Prompted by NFL hopeful Michael Sam’s coming out, the conservative Burkman described his proposed legislation, saying, “If someone has come out as a homosexual, what this legislation would do is one of two things: It would ban them from the National Football League. Two, it would give the NFL a choice: It would allow them to create separate facilities, completely separate facilities.”

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Mizzou Students Block Westboro

I didn’t report on this last week, but I’m sure by now everyone knows of the hopeful NFL defensive end from Mizzou who came out. He recently returned to the university to accept the trophy for the 2014 Cotton Bowl his team won. Those Westboro haters were there, as they always are, but they were confronted by a far larger peaceful protest organized by current students.

For the first time after publicly coming out as gay, Michael Sam returned to his alma mater Saturday night and received a standing ovation from supporters.

The defensive end returned with the Mizzou Tiger football team to accept the 2014 Cotton Bowl Championship Trophy during halftime of the Mizzou vs. Tennessee basketball game.

Not only was Sam applauded — hundreds of students blocked a protest staged by Westboro Baptist Church, an anti-LGBT hate group, according to the Mid-Missouri Traveler.

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Kent State Wrestler Suspended For Anti-Gay Tweets

Maybe at some point people will realize that while there is Freedom of Speech in this country, it is not without consequences. Spreading hate is not without consequences either.

The source of this story has a screen capture of the original Tweets. See link below.

Following the historic coming out of Division I college football player Michael Sam, the social media backlash was both predictable and horrifying. However, one college athlete is now experiencing the repercussions of what can happen when you choose to be homophobic on Twitter.

Kent State wrestler Sam Wheeler has reportedly been suspended from the university’s team after taking to Twitter to voice his feelings about Sam’s decision to publicly come out.

Through Wheeler’s Twitter account has since been deleted, Outrage DC managed to take a screen capture of the initial statements.

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