LGBT migrant couples hold mass wedding

Best story after the one about the lgbt migrants who arrived in Tijuana first.

At least seven LGBT couples traveling with the Central American migrant caravan held a symbolic mass wedding near the U.S.–Mexico border over the weekend.

Officiants from a Unitarian Universalist delegation wed the couples in a ceremony in Tijuana, Mexico, on Saturday, according to multiple reports.
Hugo Córdoba, one of the officiants, described the wedding as an “act of justice,” according to NBC News.

“The dream of marrying is an illusion for most of them,” Córdoba said. “We are helping them make this a reality.”

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LGBT Splinter Group From Migrant Caravan Arrives in Tijuana

It’s a shame that these people – not just those who identify as LGBT – will be turned away from the US. This is not who we are.

A group of LGBT migrants who were part of the massive caravan slowly marching toward the U.S. made it to the coastal border city of Tijuana on Sunday. They are the first of more than 3,600 Central Americans to reach the northern border of Mexico.

About 80 migrants, the majority of whom identify as LGBT, splintered off from the larger group in Mexico City after weeks of what they say was discriminatory treatment by local residents and other travelers, Honduran migrant Cesar Mejia told reporters at a news conference on Sunday.

“Whenever we arrived at a stopping point the LGBT community was the last to be taken into account in every way. So our goal was to change that and say, ‘This time we are going to be first,’ ” Mejia said.

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Gloria E. Anzaldua 1942-2004

As I have on one other occasion, I’d like to try to establish and continue a trend of shining a spotlight on people who have been part of the foundation of the LGBT community. The first was Alan Turing. Today, it’s Gloria E. Anzaldúa. Briefly, this is what Wikipedia says about her life.

[She] was an American scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory, and queer theory. She loosely based her best-known book, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, on her life growing up on the Mexican-Texas border and incorporated her lifelong feelings of social and cultural marginalization into her work. She also developed theories about the marginal, in-between, and mixed cultures that develop along borders.


In the same way that Anzaldúa often wrote that she felt that she could not be classified as only part of one race or the other, she felt that she possessed a multi-sexuality. When growing up, Anzaldúa expressed that she felt an “intense sexuality” towards her own father, animals, and even trees. She was attracted to and later had relationships with both men and women, although she identified herself as a lesbian in most of her writing. Anzaldúa wrote extensively about her queer identity and the marginalization of queer people, particularly in communities of color.

Further reading on her life can be found on the following links:

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Goodreads reviews of her book Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza


First Openly Gay Woman Wins Miss Missouri

Well well well! Now we’re taking over the beauty pageants. I admit watching them when I was young, but I realize how shallow they are. Still, I suppose it’s good that an open Lesbian has won. She’s an attractive young woman and I’m sure she will push an LGBT message during her reign, which is never a bad thing.

Missouri has crowned its first openly gay pageant contestant, 23-year-old Erin O’Flaherty.

On Saturday, O’Flaherty won the Miss Missouri competition in Mexico, Missouri, making her the pageant’s first-ever openly gay winner. The next stop for O’Flaherty is the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City on September 11.

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Mexican Lawmaker Asks to Bar Gay Unions in Public

Love isn’t confusing, Mr Mendoza. Love is what you should be teaching your children. No matter who they love, teach them it’s a wonderful thing to love others.

A state legislator has caused a stir by asking authorities to bar gay weddings from public spaces, arguing it confuses children in a state that just approved same-sex civil unions.

Colima state lawmaker Rafael Mendoza said mothers came to him with complaints after a wedding took place between a U.S. man and a Mexican man in the main plaza of the city of Cuauhtemoc.

He said Tuesday that society is not ready to watch gay weddings, saying the mothers didn’t know what to tell their kids when the two men dressed in charro suits kissed.

“Parents are coming to me, to my house, to tell me they are against the city carrying out these weddings in public,” Mendoza said. “I am not against these civil unions; the only thing is I don’t want them in public.”

A rival political group said it plans to file a human rights complaint this week charging Mendoza with discrimination.

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Weird Candy Around the World

Okay I know this isn’t typical Pink Triangle fare, but just go with the flow and enjoy!! I like to stray from the norm sometimes.

Huffington Post is, as you might guess, one of my favourite news sources. So when I saw this wonderful little link on their site about weird candy from all over the world, I just had to follow it. I try to catch as many episodes of Unwrapped as I can because they even cover the candy no longer sold as well as the brands that are made at smaller companies.

Here’s the list:

1. Salsagheti (Mexico) – watermelon strings which you cover with a packet of tamarind sauce. (available on Amazon through that link!)

2. Botan Rice Candy (Japan)

3. Shrimps & Bananas (England) – not only is the pairing questionable, but so is the flavoring of the shrimp: raspberry (allegedly).

4. High Concentrated Milk Candy (Japan)

5. Musk Flavoured Sticks (Australia) – we must remember this comes from the same country that enjoys Vegemite.

6. Devil Fruit Seed Candy (Japan) – melon soda flavored gummies with a bizarre name.

7. Black Jack Gum (England) – black licorice flavored gum

8. Everyburger (Japan) – chocolate & cookies that look like burgers.

9. Lightning Bugs Gummy Candy (China) – the candy comes with LED tongs that make the bugs light up when you grab one with the tongs.

10. Limón Salt And Lemon Pop Rocks (Spain)

11. Morinaga Hi-Chew Durian (Japan) – apparently moringa hi-chew is usually delicious with intense flavor but with durian it’s apparently not such a good thing. Read the three comments on the link to find out what durian is.

12. Orion Kočiči Jazyčky (Czech Republic) – chocolates in the shape of kitten tongues. Uh… yeah. (A Nestle product! AH!)

13. Popin’ Cookin’ Happy Sushi House (Japan)

14. Satellite Wafers (Belgium) – sometimes called Flying Saucers

15. Salty Tomato Candy  (Japan) – is it really candy if it’s salty?

16. Victory Creamy Corn Candy (Malaysia)

17. Wasabi Kit Kat (Japan) – way to ruin a classic American favorite!

18. Genghis Khan Caramel (Lamb Flavor) (Japan)

19. Toilet Candy (Japan) – can’t say this one surprises me as I know there’s a restaurant somewhere over there where your food is served in miniature toilets. No lie.

Anyone notice that the bulk of weirdness is in Japan? LOL I discovered a video series on YouTube a few months ago through a forum I’m a member of and have been completely captivated ever since. If you’re interested in seeing what #13 and #19 look like live, look for them on YouTube. rrcherry is my favorite YouTuber (??) with these kinds of videos because he doesn’t talk while recording.