Australian Couple Votes No for Gay Marriage

I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand how there are any consequences to coming out. Least of all that they should be that we cannot get married nor have children. If marriage isn’t for you, FINE, but why should you take away another gay couple’s right to do what you don’t want to do? Do single straight women and men who are fine with staying single their whole life think that other straight people should not be married nor have children? If you do something bad in life, yes there should be consequences, but being a homosexual is NOT one of those bad things!!!

A gay Australian couple has said that they intend to vote against marriage equality in the upcoming postal vote.

The couple, Mark Poidevin and Ben Rogers, met 15 years ago on a website appropriately named ‘’. They say it was love at first sight.

Despite their love, they will be voting against marriage equality, they told ABC Australia.

“I used to be a believer in same-sex marriage”, Poidevin explained.

He even proposed to his partner and was rejected, as Rogers said it is not his “cup of tea”. “At the time Ben said it wasn’t for him, that he didn’t believe in it, and I said, ‘When the laws change, would you like to?’”

However, Poidevin’s views soon began to align with his partners and now the prospect is nearing in the form of a postal survey, Poidevin will be voting no.

“There’s never been any discrimination with any of our families, or dramas coming our way because of our sexuality,” he said.

The couple believes that marriage can only be a heterosexual union.

Poidevin said: “When I first came out I think one of the consequences was giving up marriage and children and things like that.

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Taiwan’s historic marriage equality court decision

The Constitutional Court ruling, handed down Wednesday, said the part of the Taiwanese Civil Code banning two people of the same sex from marrying violates the freedom of marriage and the right to equality guaranteed in the constitution.

The court made its decision after considering two different suits, one brought by longtime gay activist Chi Chia-wei and the other by the Taipei City government.

Victoria Hsu, lead counsel for Chi Chia-wei and the CEO of the Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, told BuzzFeed News people were “crying, just crying” after the decision was handed down.

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Ky County Clerk Names Could Be Removed From Marriage Licenses

Who cares if he has the authority? Let him make the change so that idiot woman and all of her worshippers can feel better about themselves. Anything to shut the bitch up – and anyone else like her.

Just weeks after winning his election, Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin fulfilled a campaign promise on Tuesday to accommodate county clerks who hold a religious objection to same-sex couples marrying — a cause elevated to national attention by Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.

But critics said Bevin has overstepped his authority as governor.

At the heart of the dispute is Davis, who was sued in federal court for refusing to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court’s ruling for marriage equality. Davis contended that issuing licenses to same-sex couples violated her religious freedom, because Kentucky state law mandates that the name of elected county clerks appear on the licenses — which Davis argued was a form of endorsement of those marriages.

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Mormon leader: KY clerk taking wrong approach on gays

I’m glad to see the Mormon faith taking these steps, however small, toward unification. Or at least middle ground. Far too many Ultra Conservatives want to be divisive and even violent.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Mormon Church staked a deeper claim to middle ground in American society, advocating for compromises between protecting religious liberties and prohibiting discrimination, and criticizing Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for refusing to license gay marriages.

“We may have cultural differences, but we should not have ‘culture wars,'” Mormon leader Dallin H. Oaks declared.

“On the big issues … both sides should seek a balance, not a total victory,” he said. “For example, religionists should not seek a veto over all non-discrimination laws that offend their religion, and the proponents of non-discrimination should not seek a veto over all assertions of religious freedom.”

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PM Considers Special Laws To Bring On Marriage Equality

Would love to hear from any lgbt Aussies or supporters!

The Turnbull government is considering passing legislation that would lock in the results of a nationwide plebiscite on marriage equality.

The Australian Financial Review has reported the government will pass legislation before the plebiscite to make the result automatic.

Government backbencher Warren Entsch told the AFR the legislation would outline the exact change to the Marriage Act and contain a provision that would automatically alter the act if the national vote was successful.

Entsch also said the legislation would set a timeframe for the plebiscite.

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A Transgender Man Was Married By The Kentucky Clerk Who Refuses To Perform Same-Sex Marriage

I understand what this couple is trying to do, but this ignorant woman should no longer work for any government in any capacity – even the lowliest of jobs – still refuses to issue licenses to ALL couples, gay OR straight and yet this one slipped by and she allowed it. Someone in Kentucky needs to start a petitiion to remove her from office. She’s never going to budge so We the People need to budge her right out of office.

The Kentucky county clerk who has petitioned the Supreme Court to be exempted from performing same-sex marriages due to her religious beliefs signed a marriage certificate for a transgender man and his pansexual wife earlier this year.

Rowan County Clerk Kimberly Davis ordered her staff to stop issuing any marriage licenses in the wake of June’s historic Supreme Court decision in favor of nationwide marriage equality because she objects to having her name appear on the documents for religious reasons.

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The Government’s Marriage Equality Strategy Is A Total Clusterfuck ATM

I hope this gets sorted soon, so our sisters and brothers down under can move forward with their lives. A referendum sounds like the way to go, so no one can wriggle out of recognising same-sex marriages, like they do here. But as we’ve seen here, changing the law means nothing to some people.

In the past week, the Australian marriage equality debate has taken a rapid turn from a parliamentary focus to a potential popular vote.

Prime minister Tony Abbott has repositioned the government’s stance on same-sex marriage as advocating a “people’s vote” on the matter.

However, ministers are divided over whether this should take place via a referendum, which alters the constitution, or a plebiscite, which is a non-binding nationwide opinion poll. There is also widespread disagreement on when such a vote ought to take place.

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Major U.S. Marriage Equality Players Are Now Looking Down Under

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalising nationwide marriage equality, representatives from the LGBTI lobby group visited Australia to give advice on efforts Down Under.

After meetings with several advocates, director of HRC Global Ty Cobb said Australia is well-poised to be the next country to adopt the reform.

“If you look out around the world, and where the next opportunity for the world to really move forward on marriage equality is, Australia is that place,” he said.

“I think the entire international community is really focused on Australia, and the ability of the current government to listen to where Australians are on this issue.”

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KY Clerk Says She ‘Prayed And Fasted’ Before Deciding To Stop Issuing Marriage Licenses

I’d say it’s about time for Miss Davis to retire if she’s unable to follow the law – for any reason. Why should these couples be inconvenienced by her religion? If she resigns and leaves it to her deputies as she said, why is there an assumption that they would have just as big an issue with it as she does?

A Kentucky county clerk says she “prayed and fasted” before ultimately deciding to stop issuing marriage licenses altogether in the wake of the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is facing a federal class action lawsuit brought against her by two gay couples and two straight couples after she refused to issue them marriage licenses, The Louisville Courier-Journal reports. Davis, who is reportedly a Apostolic Christian and attends church three times a week, testified July 20 in a Covington, Kentucky courtroom that she “sought God” as she contemplated her options for months ahead of the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling on marriage equality.

“It was something I had prayed and fasted over,” she said, according to The Lexington Herald-Leader. “It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.” Issuing licenses under her name, she added, would violate her religious beliefs, even if a deputy clerk were to do so in her stead. “If I say they are authorized, I’m saying I agree with it, and I can’t.”

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