Lesbian DT Supporters?

I cannot even type his name. When my bff and I talk about him, we call him Tiny Hands. Raise your hand if you support him.

WASHINGTON ― Attention lesbians: if you’re not sold on Donald Trump for president, you’ve got to check out his wife’s girl-on-girl photo shoot from 1996. Those pictures are so hot that once you see them, you’ll definitely want that going on in the White House.

That’s Rush Limbaugh’s theory, anyway.

But Rush got me thinking: are there lesbians out there who are voting for Trump? I don’t know of any in my lesbian circles in Washington, D.C. I didn’t come across any in July at the Republican National Convention, where I sought out LGBT attendees. I could only find one article that featured an interview with lesbian Trump supporters. There were two of them. Is that it? Two?

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Britain Is To Have Its First Gay Old People’s Home

I love Britain. I love how they refer to the elderly as OAPs. Old Age Person. I’m ready to move there with my Beloved and live blissfully. If there are any here, that’s truly news to me. Anyone know of any?

In plans shown exclusively to BuzzFeed News, an “unashamedly ambitious” project with an “iconic architectural design” for up to 150 residents is already in the development stages.

Tonic Housing, the organisation behind the venture, is currently seeking to secure a site, either in London or Brighton, to begin catering for the more-than-a-million LGBT people over the age of 50 in Britain.

Similar homes have already opened in Germany, Sweden, and the USA, and facilities in France and Spain are imminent, but there are as yet no residential provisions in the UK aimed at the LGBT market.

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6 Problems Of Aging While Gay

Hello Lovelies!!

This is something I think a lot of us really need to consider. None of us are getting younger (even though I’m sure we wish that weren’t true) and it’s better if we can put things into action while we’re young rather than waiting til the last minute.

  1. What happens if you don’t have kids?
  2. Few have enough money for retirement, but LGBT seniors have even less.
  3. LGBT elders are more likely to be alone. 
  4. Discrimination is still alive and well.
  5. Housing is a hot button.
  6. LGBT elders’ health concerns go beyond those of the general population’s.

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What Happens When The Homophobic Bullies Turn Out To Be Gay?

Okay a true phobia involves fear, not hatred. Yet we sling homophobia around when we mean that people hate gays and lesbians. Yet, maybe we aren’t. I’m beginning to strongly believe that people who are homophobic are afraid that others will find out that they are homosexual and they act on that fear in anger and hatred.

In a utopian society, children will be brought up to value acceptance, embrace difference and replace judgement with understanding. However, reality has it that many kids are still conditioned by the belief that to be gay is to be wrong.

Of course, this is not always the case and many families and communities are exceptional in discouraging prejudices. From personal experience, since coming out in my late teens, I’ve never been made to feel uncomfortable in any way by either family or friends – though the fear of what I may have faced was certainly a deterrent in accepting myself earlier.

Though for the kids who didn’t have the encouraging surroundings like myself and many others, where little to no acceptance is shown from anything considered ‘different’, part of the growing up process meant breaking free of certain learned behaviours or prejudices.

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LGBT in Advertising

Good Morning Everyone!

Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel that there’s been a sudden rise in the number of outright LGBT flavored commercials or ones where LGBT is included along with straight people. You will recall from 27 April of this year the commercial for Wells Fargo Bank involving the Lesbian couple nervously learning sign language in anticipation of the older girl they are adopting and I’ve noticed a few new ones cropping up. Mayyybe they’ve been around longer than I imagine they have, but I only noticed them this weekend because of where the National focus has been. I’m glad companies are showing their support of us. So here’s the Tylenol commercial I’ve noticed.

On the radio I heard a new AT&T commercial about what constitutes a family under their Family Plan for their mobile phones.

So are there any I’m missing? Have you seen something I’ve not? Please share!!


Supreme Court Decision On Marriage Equality ‘Just The Beginning’

“Our fight for LGBT equality is not nearly over,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) stated emphatically in an interview with me last week on SiriusXM Progress. “And I’m hopeful, very hopeful, that the Supreme Court will say it’s unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. But that’s really just the beginning of fighting for our rights. We have to actually make sure all LGBT couples can have full parenting rights, have full social security and other federal benefit rights. We want to make sure companies can’t discriminate against members of the community because of who they love and who they are. And it’s really important [to take on] discrimination wherever it exists.”

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Coffee Shop Gives Anti-LGBT Lawmakers A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

I don’t know if this is the right way to approach things or not, but I do know I wouldn’t have the guts to do this.

A North Dakota coffee shop is flipping the script on discrimination.

The Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo recently posted a sign targeting state House members who voted down Senate Bill 2279, which would have protected the LGBT community from discrimination.

The sign read: “Ban effective immediately. The listed Men & Women are now banned from entering this establishment.* This is based solely on age, gender, race, beliefs, color, religion & disability.” Underneath was the annotation for the asterisk: “Unless accompanied by a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex or Asexual person.”

The purpose of the notice was to send a message.

“So, while it is satire, I think it does make an immediate point” owner Joe Curry said, per KFGO. “A lot of us feel that discrimination is an old way of thinking that should be put aside.”

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7 Ways These Parents Made Life Easier for Their LGBT Kids in 2014

These are all beautiful acts of love. Would that it were always so easy for parents to accept, or their children to reveal.

The past few years have seen many political breakthroughs for LGBT people: Gay marriage is legal in more than 30 states, gay men and lesbians can serve openly in the military, and a growing number of cities have passed nondiscrimination ordinances. High-profile TV shows and movies have told honest, inspiring LGBT stories to mainstream audiences.

And in homes across the United States, more subtle but equally important changes are taking place.

Social acceptance for LGBT people is on the rise big-time. According to a 2013 Pew Research Center poll, a slight majority of Americans favor same-sex marriage. More people also say they know someone who identifies as LGBT—87 percent in 2013, compared with 61 percent a decade earlier. Of the 14 percent of Americans who say they’ve changed their minds and now approve of same-sex marriage, one-third report it’s because they know someone who identifies as gay or lesbian.

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These Are The States Where Students Get Harassed The Most For Their Sexual Orientation

Hello Lovelies! If any of you adults live in either South Carolina or Alabama (especially), please, do what you can to become involved in some sort of outreach program or mentoring program to the younger people who are being harassed because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. We need to show them they aren’t alone. Of course this shouldn’t be restricted to just two states. We all know of the daily legal struggle LGBT folk have in all states.

Students in states such as South Carolina and Alabama face significantly more bullying over their sexual orientation than students in states like Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In October, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group that works to make schools safe for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, released its 2013 National School Climate Survey. On Thursday, the group released further information about what these survey results look like by state, revealing the varying challenges faced by LGBT students in different areas of the country.

The 2013 National School Climate Survey asked almost 8,000 students between the ages of 13 and 21 from all 50 states about the type of environment they face at school. Overall, the results showed marked improvements from previous years, although more than 55 percent of those surveyed still reported feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation.

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Charges Filed Against LGBT Rights Protesters

Well isn’t this a kick in the pants?

Over six months after LGBT rights protesters blocked a legislative hearing at the Utah State Capitol, prosecutors on Wednesday filed charges against 13 people involved in the demonstration, ABC 4 Utah reported.

The protestors blocked a doorway at the capitol Feb. 10, demanding legislators take up a state a bill that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in the areas of employment and housing — Senate Bill 100. Authorities asked the protestors to leave, but they refused and were arrested. The bill later died in a closed door meeting, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

The 13 demonstrators face charges including disrupting a public meeting and suspicion of disorderly conduct, according to the reports. They plan to announce their charges and how they plan to plea in court on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Thursday morning, according to a post on Twitter by Troy Williams, one of the ‘Capitol 13.’

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