Twin girls speak at White House event

I always feel a ray of hope when kids these girls’ age speak out about LGBT rights.

When twin sisters Zea and Luna Weiss-Wynne, both 9, wrote a letter to President Barack Obama last year, they asked for his attention on a few things.

Obama invited the sisters to join him at a reception at the White House to outline their requests in public. The girls, who asked for his support of marriage equality, spoke at the LGBT Pride Month reception Friday, which is part of the annual celebration dedicated to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. The president made sure to give the third graders a turn in front of the microphone.

“We told the president that we would like for him to make some changes this year,” the girls said to the crowd, which was composed of leaders in the LGBT community and supporters. Among the requests the girls outlined in their speech and their letter was to help “make it harder for bad guys to get guns,” more funding for schools and a commitment to gay marriage.

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