Indian Supreme Court Recognizes Broad Rights For Transgender People

Wow! I’m just astonished by this. I mean didn’t they just recently overturn something to help homosexuals? I don’t quite understand, but I guess it’s a good thing for transgender people.

A two-judge panel of the Supreme Court of India ruled on Tuesday that the country’s constitution and international human rights law demand that the state recognize an individual’s self-identified gender and take steps to address discrimination and harassment of transgender people.

“We…hold that values of privacy, self-identity, autonomy and personal integrity are fundamental rights guaranteed to members of the transgender community … and the State is bound to protect and recognize those rights,” wrote Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan. In a concurring decision, the other judge on the panel, A.K. Sikri, wrote, “If democracy is based on the recognition of the individuality and dignity of man, as a fortiori we have to recognize the right of a human being to choose his sex/gender identity which is integral his/her personality and is one of the most basic aspect of self- determination dignity and freedom.”

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