Quebec Still Hasn’t Followed Through On Its Trans Rights Promise

Looks like the US isn’t the only government failing its transgendered citizens. Still, I think Canada will beat us to the punchline, as usual.

Quebec passed Bill 35 in December 2013, a piece of legislation that would mean trans people no longer require invasive surgery before being allowed to change their sex on government documents.

But now, closing in on two years later, nothing has actually changed.

“We have a potential for change but for now nothing has been done,” said Gabrielle Bouchard, the Peer support and Trans advocacy Coordinator for the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

As is, those who wish to change the sex marker on provincial identification must undergo either a hysterectomy or a vaginoplasty. It’s essentially forced sterilization, said Bouchard, in addition to being a violation of a person’s privacy and bodily integrity.

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