Starbucks Goes the Extra Mile

Wow. This is just amazing. Kinda makes their over-priced shit worth purchasing. I’m glad they are taking the lead in helping their transgender employees be who they truly are.

Starbucks has announced plans to offer comprehensive care for transgender employees, covering several procedures that are usually excluded by insurers.

In the new plan announced on Monday, Starbucks said that in addition to covering bottom surgery, they will now cover all other medical steps in a person’s transition.

This will cover several other procedures that were previously considered cosmetic – which can often be hard to obtain as insurers typically refuse to cover them.

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Absurdly Laughable

Sue Everhart (R, GA.) needs to wake up to reality. According to an article on the Huffington Post’s website, legalizing gay marriage would cause hundreds, perhaps thousands, of straight people to pretend to be gay just so they can receive benefits. Well, Mrs. Everhart, guess what! Straight people get married for insurance purposes now. I lived with a straight couple in California for 2 years who had lived together for over twenty years and had just tied the knot mere months before I moved out there. Why? So she could be on his insurance. And there are millions of straight people on some kind of benefits deal with the Government who have no business being there.

You wanna work on people taking horrible advantage of the system, Mrs. Everhart? How about looking into the millions of people on disability for nothing more than high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain that could probably be helped if they were offered some kind of job with an employer who didn’t mind them moving about for 10 minutes once every few hours. If you need some assistance in where to find these people, I direct you to the recent series on NPR’s Planet Money on the startling rise of disability in America.