CrossFit Spokesman is Anti-LGBT

Both sides of this story have the right to do what they have done. Mr Berger has the right to be a complete bigoted asshole and the CEO of CrossFit has every right to remove him from the company. Don’t expect people to just accept your attitude when you cannot accept who they are as an individual. I’d like to know why the Indianapolis location changed its mind, too. Not much was said about that.

A high-ranking CrossFit employee told BuzzFeed News that he has been placed on an unpaid leave of absence after tweeting his support for a CrossFit gym’s cancellation of a Pride event, citing his belief that celebrating LGBT pride is a “sin.”

Russell Berger, the mega-successful fitness company’s chief knowledge officer and often its de facto spokesperson, said he does not know how long his leave of absence will last. But his work — including his writing for the Russells, a blog about scientific misconduct that he maintains with colleague Russell Greene — has been put on hold at least temporarily, he told BuzzFeed News.

Berger got into hot water Wednesday afternoon when he tweeted about a CrossFit gym in Indianapolis, Indiana, where owners canceled a workout in honor of Pride Month. Many of the coaches and employees quit in protest, according to WTTV TV in Indianapolis. On Wednesday, the gym posted notices that it was shutting down.

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Indianapolis’ Republican Mayor Has a Brilliant Response to State’s New Anti-Gay Law

Well at least some in Indiana have sense, so maybe there’s hope. I certainly would like that for a very, very dear friend lives there and I know she detests what the governor of the state has done.

On Monday afternoon, Republican Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard took a strong stand against the state’s controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act by criticizing the bill and signing an executive order that bans discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity.

“Our city thrives because we have welcomed and embraced diversity. And RFRA threatens what thousands of people have spent decades building,” Ballard said in a press conference, according to the Indianapolis Star. “Discrimination is wrong. And I hope that message is being heard loud and clear at our Statehouse.”

Shortly after his remarks in front of the State House, the City-County Council voted on its own resolution banning discrimination against LGBT people. The measure passed with a vote of 24-4. “Nine Republicans and all 15 Democrats voted in favor,” the Star reported.

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Gay-marriage ban considered by Indiana lawmakers

I want someone who is against gay marriage to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that allowing same-sex marriages will hurt company and college recruitment. I’m betting they cannot.

INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) – Indiana lawmakers on Monday heard arguments on a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, bucking a U.S. trend in the past two years of states, voters and courts allowing gays to marry.

Executives from Indiana businesses, including the Indianapolis-based drug company Eli Lilly and Co. and Indiana University, warned the amendment would hurt recruitment.

“Top talent will go elsewhere,” Stephen Fry, senior vice president of human resources and diversity at Eli Lilly, told a state House judiciary committee. “Indiana doesn’t have mountains and oceans, so all it has is a friendly and welcoming environment. This hurts not just recruitment but retention – some of our best employees are edgy about staying.”

Others disputed these arguments.

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