CrossFit Spokesman is Anti-LGBT

Both sides of this story have the right to do what they have done. Mr Berger has the right to be a complete bigoted asshole and the CEO of CrossFit has every right to remove him from the company. Don’t expect people to just accept your attitude when you cannot accept who they are as an individual. I’d like to know why the Indianapolis location changed its mind, too. Not much was said about that.

A high-ranking CrossFit employee told BuzzFeed News that he has been placed on an unpaid leave of absence after tweeting his support for a CrossFit gym’s cancellation of a Pride event, citing his belief that celebrating LGBT pride is a “sin.”

Russell Berger, the mega-successful fitness company’s chief knowledge officer and often its de facto spokesperson, said he does not know how long his leave of absence will last. But his work — including his writing for the Russells, a blog about scientific misconduct that he maintains with colleague Russell Greene — has been put on hold at least temporarily, he told BuzzFeed News.

Berger got into hot water Wednesday afternoon when he tweeted about a CrossFit gym in Indianapolis, Indiana, where owners canceled a workout in honor of Pride Month. Many of the coaches and employees quit in protest, according to WTTV TV in Indianapolis. On Wednesday, the gym posted notices that it was shutting down.

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Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Justifying Discrimination By Erasing Gay People

They keep trying and FAILING, but they don’t seem to ‘get it’. Maybe they will when they’re voted out of office. Marco Rubio is an idiot of the top order. You know, Hilary Clinton might have made bad choices with that email fiasco, but the way I see it, ALL politicians are liars, but at least she’s not trying to destroy the country like Republicans are.

Despite the backlash after Indiana and Arkansas tried to pass laws designed to allow for discrimination against LGBT people, conservatives are still peddling the same talking point that “religious freedom” must be protected — e.g. that refusing to serve a same-sex couple’s wedding is justified for a business owner who opposes same-sex marriage. And it’s a talking point that presidential hopefuls are amplifying.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), having just tossed his hat into the presidential ring, offered a rambling answer to NPR this week in support of these “license to discriminate” provisions that demonstrates how this anti-LGBT discrimination is spun. “I think there’s a difference between not providing services to a person because of their identity, who they are or who they love, and saying, I’m not going to participate in an event, a same-sex wedding, because that violates my religious beliefs,” he explained. “There’s a distinction between those two things.”

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Zach Braff And Donald Faison Will Make Pizzas For Your Gay Wedding In Indiana

Even Zach understands that pizza isn’t normal wedding fare: “If you really and truly want pizza for your gay wedding in Indiana…” No, I really and truly don’t.

Just because some people in Indiana refuse to cater gay weddings doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who are perhaps best known for starring together in the beloved sitcom “Scrubs,” are apparently willing to toss some dough for same-sex Indiana couples.

Memories Pizza, located in Walkerton, Indiana, ignited a firestorm last week when its owners announced that they were allowed to refuse to provide pizza for same-sex weddings due to the state’s controversial new “religious freedom” law. Shortly after, Braff took to Twitter to pledge his support for gay couples, offering Faison’s services as well…

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Senator Says Critics Of Indiana Should Get ‘Perspective,’ Be Thankful State Doesn’t Execute Gays

And YOU Mr Cotton, should be thankful that we don’t execute people for the crime of being a despicable worthless piece of humanity. Keep that in mind, won’t you?

Appearing yesterday on CNN, Senator Tom Cotton (R) urged critics of Indiana’s “religious freedom” law to get “perspective,” suggesting the treatment of LGBT people in Indiana compared favorably to countries where gay people are executed.

“I think it’s important we have a sense of perspective,” Cotton said. “In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.”

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AR Governor: My Son Asked Me To Veto ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill

I’m certainly glad one politician in this country is listening to a voice of reason.

WASHINGTON — Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) pulled back his support for a “religious freedom” bill Wednesday, citing the controversy and division it has created not only within his state, but also within his own family.

“The issue has become divisive because our nation remains split on how to balance the diversity of our culture with the traditions and firmly held religious convictions,” Hutchison said in a press conference Wednesday morning. “It has divided families, and there is clearly a generational gap on this issue.”

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Indiana’s Memories Pizza Reportedly Becomes First Business To Vow To Reject Gay Couples

I dunno. It sounds to me like a bunch of waffling. First the owner seems to indicate they are going to reject gay and lesbian couples, but then they have no plans to kick any out of the restaurant. I don’t know of any gay OR straight couple that would have pizza catered for their wedding. And unless it’s abundantly clear that two individuals of the same sex are in fact a couple, how ya gonna know, but by asking. They want to stand for their beliefs, but not lose any business. Lol

A family-owned pizza parlor is causing a media stir after reportedly becoming the first business to publicly vow to reject gay and lesbian couples in the wake of Indiana’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton said theirs is a “Christian establishment” and that they agree with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who has come under fire after signing the bill, which allows business owners to cite religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party, ABC 57 reported.

“That lifestyle is something they choose. I choose to be heterosexual,” Kevin O’Connor told the news station. “They choose to be homosexual. Why should I be beat over the head to go along with something they choose?”

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Compares Indiana Law to Jim Crow Laws in Scathing Op-Ed

Okay, we need to stop comparing the law that Indiana has passed to what other states have passed in recent years. They aren’t even close. I’m not going to go into details, but if you’re interested, you can read this article for understanding the difference. And if you have problems with the honesty of Think Progress, do your own research.

Apple chief Tim Cook slammed what he called a wave of “dangerous” laws in several US states that he said promote discrimination and erode equality, in an editorial published Sunday.

Cook — one of the most prominent chief executives to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality — wrote in the Washington Post that so-called “religious freedom” laws passed in several states threaten to undo progress toward greater equality.

“There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country,” Cook wrote in the editorial.

“These bills rationalize injustice by pretending to defend something many of us hold dear. They go against the very principles our nation was founded on.”

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Gen Con Threatens To Take Popular Convention Out of Indiana Over Religious Freedom Bill

I’d support Gen Con for this alone even though I’ve never been to a convention in my life.

Organizers of Gen Con, said to be the largest gaming convention in the U.S., have threatened to take their event — and potentially millions of dollars — out of Indiana if Governor Mike Pence (R) signs a controversial religious freedom bill into law.

Senate Bill 101 will prohibit state and local governments from “substantially burdening someone’s religious beliefs, unless that entity can prove it’s relying on the least restrictive means possible to further a compelling governmental interest,” MSNBC reports.

Supporters of the bill say that the legislation will protect people and business owners with strong religious beliefs from government interference. Opponents contend that the law could sanction discrimination, particularly against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

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Indiana Parents Vote ‘No Gays Allowed’ for Students’ New Years Eve Ball

Ball for all? More like ball for some. It’s really heartbreaking how parents are consistently teaching their kids intolerance. But if it’s “traditional couples only” then that means no mixed race couples either. Right?

The Vincennes New Years Eve Ball is a tradition for parents and students of Vincennes Lincoln High School. It’s a formal, black-tie affair held in a rented banquet hall on the campus of Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, (pop. 18,069). The “private, invitation only” dance for teens is an opportunity for student-couples to spend the evening dancing and celebrating with the one they love — a milestone moment among many high school memories made.

Well, at least for heterosexual couples.

Since 2004, the New Years Eve Ball invitations have required “traditional couples only” — traditional couple defined as one boy and one girl. And within the last week, according to Twitter #LHSSSA (Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance), some students agree with the “traditional couples only” definition, perceived or policy, with tweets such as “We don’t cheer for queers” and #StraightPower. These few students fail to consider that they’ve created a permanent digital trail showcasing and preserving their bigotry indefinitely, a digital trail available to college admissions counselors and potential employers. Just as their parents have preserved their bigotry indefinitely, for the world to see. Are the students parroting their parents?

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Here’s What Happens If The Supreme Court Rejects Gay Marriage Cases

Let’s all hope that the Supreme Court declines to hear these cases. That would then mean over half of the states have legalized same-sex marriage. Woohoo!!

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fastest and surest path to marriage for same-sex couples in some parts of the United States would be for the Supreme Court to surprise everyone and decline to get involved in the issue right now.

A decision by the justices to reject calls from all quarters to take up same-sex marriage would allow gay and lesbian couples in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin to begin getting married almost immediately. Rulings in their favor have been put on hold while the Supreme Court considers their cases.

And if the high court leaves those rulings in place, same-sex couples almost certainly would win the right to marry in six other states in short order because those states — Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming — would be bound by the same appeals court decisions.

That would bring to 30 the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal, plus the District of Columbia.

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