HRC Benefits from Inaugural Cake

This is the best news yet to come out of this travesty of an election…

The cake seemed to originally find offense with the baker of President Obama’s inauguration cake back in 2012. Duff Goldman has appeared on the Food Network with some of his creations. But rather than taking credit for the cake that wasn’t theirs, the new bakery – Buttercream Bakeshop – was commissioned to recreate Goldman’s cake. They then donated all profits from their efforts to the Human Rights Campaign. Because we all know that the new VP hates lgbt citizens.

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New Regime Leadership: Jeff Sessions

I think I’m going to start a new series which I hope you all will contribute to as we fall into lives under a new regime. I admit I don’t go searching for news. I mainly post what I come across on Facebook or the handful of news sites I look at. So if you know of others that might fall under this New Regime Leadership series, please please share.

The man President-elect Donald Trump has nominated as his attorney general pick is a vocal opponent on issues like same-sex marriage and federal hate-crimes legislation, raising concerns among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community,

“It is deeply disturbing that Jeff Sessions, who has such clear animus against so many Americans — including the LGBTQ community, women and people of color — could be charged with running the very system of justice designed to protect them,” Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, said in a statement.

“When Donald Trump was elected, he promised to be president for all Americans, and it is hugely concerning and telling that he would choose a man so consistently opposed to equality as one of his first — and most important — cabinet appointees,” Griffin added.

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SD governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms

Finally someone listening to sense.

Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard, who initially reacted positively to the proposal but said he needed to research the issue, rejected the bill after groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign insisted it was discriminatory.

In his veto message, Daugaard said the bill “does not address any pressing issue” and that such decisions were best left to local school officials. He also noted that signing the bill could create costly liability issues for schools and the state. The ACLU had promised to encourage legal action if the bill became law.

“I am so happy right now. You have no idea,” said 18-year-old Thomas Lewis, a transgender high school student in Sioux Falls. Lewis said he has support at his school, but that the veto shows such support goes beyond his friends.

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WV Senate Judiciary Advances Irresponsible Anti-LGBT RFRA Bill

We are simply worthless beings in the eyes of West Virginia politicians.

Following a late vote Friday night by the West Virginia State Senate’s Judiciary Committee to advance HB 4012, HRC and Fairness West Virginia, the statewide LGBT advocacy organization, called on the West Virginia Senate to pull back from HB 4012, the shameful anti-LGBT bill that would put LGBT people — and West Virginians of all walks of life — at risk for discrimination.

The committee vote comes one week after new polling from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, found that a 54 percent majority of West Virginians oppose a Religious Freedom Restoration Act bill (like HB 4012) that would allow small business owners to deny service to LGBT people — even for so-called religious reasons — and that a 60 percent majority of West Virginians support protecting LGBT people against discrimination in employment, housing and access to public places.

“Freedom of religion is part of our DNA as a country, which is exactly why it is already protected by the First Amendment. HB 4012 won’t protect our freedom, but instead will put all kinds of West Virginians at risk for discrimination. This includes even allowing a person to use HB 4012 as a defense against child abuse, or allowing a pharmacist to argue he is not required to provide birth control,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow. “The Senate should stop this reckless and irresponsible bill in its tracks and ensure that everyone, including LGBT people, can live free from fear of discrimination in West Virginia.”

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This Kryptonite Argument Against Trans Rights Is Beating America’s Top LGBT Group

I would DEARLY love to have any woman – or man for that matter – demand that I prove I am a woman. I DARE them to, because when they do, I will sue them so fast their head will spin like Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist. I’m sick of this bullshit argument and the IGNORANCE that is flowing from it. It makes me want to throw up on every single ignorant CONservative in this country.

In late October, Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin explained why his group was spending an unprecedented $600,000 to uphold an ordinance in Houston that banned discrimination. It was critical, he said, for the largest LGBT organization in the country to represent the interests of its 1.5 million members and supporters.

“These are grassroots folks who give to us so that we can fight these battles, wherever they are,” Griffin told BuzzFeed News at the campaign headquarters, where he’d just flown in from Washington, D.C.

After marriage equality was won at the Supreme Court, HRC placed a priority on passing a nondiscrimination law in Congress. To build momentum, they endeavored to pass nondiscrimination legislation in cities and states along the way. Griffin said that when “building momentum across the country, every victory you have is a building block.” So defending Houston’s law was essential.

“This is a big one, it’s an important one, it’s an expensive one,” he said. “But it’s a battle we have got to win.”

Six days later, however, voters repealed the law by a 22-percentage point chasm — despite the fact that Griffin and his allies were six and nine points ahead in two early polls. Houston Unites, the name of the central campaign, had raised about $4 million in total, outspending their opponents three to one.

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