LGBT History: The Slide

I think this year I’m going to delve more into LGBT history. Not just The Stonewall Riots, but lesser known events in other areas of the country. If you know of something I should cover, please let me know.

As moral as the general public has tried to be over the centuries, we who love someone of the same sex have always been around and no matter what anyone does to us, we continue to rise like majestic phoenixes out of the ashes. Several months ago, a friend of mine recommended that I tune into a podcast calledĀ The Bowery Boys because I love history and they cover the history of New York City from its days as a Dutch colony right up to the present. These guys have over 250 podcasts as well as some blog posts that cover bits of history. One such post I recently read is about New York’s notorious “fairy resort” – a place called The Slide. They discuss this club as part of an analysis of the accuracy of the limited television seriesĀ The Alienist.

You can read about it here and I hope something else will grab your attention on the BB site and you can learn more about NYC.


Stonewall Revisited

I recently discovered a podcast series to listen to here at work, which makes the time go by faster. It’s about New York City history, but as I’m a lover of history, I find it fascinating. These two guys – Greg and Tom – are fantastic in their thoroughness of research, finding photos to go along with a lot of the information they provide. The format is conversational and I really feel they do each subject justice. They also have regular blog entries without a podcast that also give a lot of historical information about various sites around this massive city. If they talk about a particular neighborhood, you’re given the history from the time of the Dutch settlement all the way to today. Today I’m listening to a follow up podcast on something they did in 2008 about the Stonewall Inn and the Stonewall Riots so I thought something like that should be known and remembered by all in the LGBT community and those who support us.

Revisiting the Stonewall Riots: The Evolving Legacy of a Violent Night