Hospitals are Making Strides for More Inclusive LGBT Healthcare

The government certainly doesn’t care about the LGBT community, so it’s nice to see some hospitals taking the initiative themselves. I told my old GP that I’m a lesbian and she was totally cool with it. Switched to a different GP, but haven’t told her yet. I remember visiting a Walgreens clinic a few years ago and when the doctor asked me if I needed the pill, I laughed and assured her that would never be necessary. She asked how I was so sure and, not knowing how else to say it (it was my first time revealing my sexuality to a physician), I said, “I’m the ‘L’ in LGBT.” She had no idea what I meant, soooo I had to spell it out.

Health care facilities across the U.S. are making “tremendous strides” toward LGBTQ-inclusive care, according to a new report by national LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign.

The organization’s annual Healthcare Equality Index (HEI), now in its 11th year, found “remarkable progress” in areas including transgender-specific policies for patients, transgender-inclusive benefits for employees and LGBTQ-patient-care training for staff.

“This year has ushered in a new high watermark in LGBTQ inclusion in health care,” HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement.

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