Formula 1 Driver Yells at Nephew on Instagram

It’s one thing for you to disagree with how your sibling is raising her/his child. It’s one thing for you to disagree with allowing one gender to wear the clothes of another. But it is Super Assholey of you to yell at a child and then post it on the Internet for millions to watch AND IT NEVER FUCKING GOES AWAY. Lewis Hamilton is the ultimate lowlife asshole scum.

Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula One World Champion, has yelled at a small child, mocking him for wearing a princess dress.

Hamilton, 32, took issue with his nephew’s Christmas present – to such an extent that he shouted at him on camera.

And then he uploaded the video to his 5.7 million Instagram followers.

Because when you loudly mock a child for dressing up in a costume which just so happens to go against gender norms, you want the whole world to see – apparently.

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James Dobson thinks ‘bisexual’ means ‘orgies’

It’s truly amazing how Christians speak with so-called authority on the matter of LGBT people and yet he’s got no fucking clue what anything really means. And just because you have a problem with us, does not give you the right to judge those REAL Christians who are okay with all of your god’s creations. Not just a select few.

Influential conservative Christian James Dobson reveals the depth of his own depraved ignorance by claiming “bisexual” means “orgies.”

Dobson, the founder of the powerful conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, made his ridiculous claim last week while speaking on his radio program  “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.”

Dobson, an anti-gay evangelical Christian, was taking issue with pastors “who are compassionate toward those who have attractions to same-sex individuals.”

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Elderly Lesbian Couple Was Left Nasty Note

Two things I find true across the board about hateful Republicans:

First….They are absolutely cowardly when it comes to confronting their victims. They rile against liberals who want to be politically correct, which to my mind simply means having the courtesy to not be an asshole to everyone you come into contact with. If I can’t be “politically correct,” then I DEMAND that you own up to your hate and put your fucking name to hateful messages.

Second…. They always have a passive-aggressive tone to their letter. “Don’t take this the wrong way…” How the fuck should it be taken? If it’s not personal, don’t write a fucking letter.

A lesbian couple in their seventies was attending a Hillsborough County Women’s Democratic Club meeting at their local library in Florida recently when they came out to discover a disgusting, homophobic note on their car.

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A Transgender “birthday” Party

The struggle for transgender people is world wide. As we lose what little we’ve gained, the rest of the world will follow in our footsteps. Sadly, that just might mean the footsteps that lead down the road of hatred, murder and at the very least, isolation. I had hopes for the future of all of the LGBT community, but I have very little hope now. 😦

At a party in Peshawar, the guests’ saris twirled as they danced to the music and fed each other pieces of cake, but armed police guarding the door indicated this was no normal carefree birthday gathering.

The revellers were transgender, people who run the risk of violence in conservative Muslim Pakistan where they often work as dancers at weddings and other parties but are rarely allowed to hold their own celebrations.

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State Department’s ‘Evil’ Gay Agenda

It’s really sad that politicians can’t seem to let go of the lime light even when their constituents have clearly told them to go away. I’m quite sure the perceived Gay Agenda would go away if you’d only take YOUR religion our of your politics.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said the State Department has been pushing an “evil” gay agenda on other countries. And that, she added, could come to an end during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Speaking to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on his “Washington Watch” radio show last week, Bachmann claimed the United States under President Barack Obama had used government money to push a pro-LGBTQ agenda.

“We’ve seen such evil come out of our State Department, unfortunately, where financial incentives are withheld from countries unless they advance, for instance, the gay agenda,” Bachmann said in comments posted online by Right Wing Watch.

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Hateful RSVP to Gay Wedding

You know, if you’re gonna spew hate, at least have the balls to put your name to it and OWN your hate.

After about nine years together, Keith and Chad were ready to tie the knot near their Canton, Ohio home. They’d planned everything and worked to make their dream come true. They’d painted their own decorations, created handmade gifts, and even built their own cake stand. Yet just 30 days before their special day, they received an “RSVP” from one of their invited guests that was almost too cruel to believe.

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Emergency Plane Landing Due to Homophobe

This is just unbelievable. Should’ve just booted him out the plane without the landing part of this emergency.

A flight had to be diverted after the furious rant of a homophobic and misogynistic passenger, according to others onboard.

The US bound flight from Australia had to be diverted to Auckland, New Zealand, following the passenger’s furious rows aboard the flight.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the man was initially angry that he’d been placed in a middle seat.

He then escalated into a furious rant – spouting homophobic slurs and misogyny at anyone who engaged with him.

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Texas has a Bathroom Bill

True Confession: after typing that headline, the next thing that came to mind was: ‘Texas has a whorehouse in it!’ (it’s from Best Little Whorehouse in Texas if you’re unfamiliar).

Anyway, this is a road we’ve been down before, though no one in Texas has acknowledged that the same bill in NC is on the way out. I suppose the Texas Right expects everyone to carry around their birth certificates to prove which bathroom we should be entering? Those Christians need to quit bothering any of us regarding our bodily functions.

Texas could soon follow in the footsteps of Indiana and North Carolina and pass its own “bathroom bill” in the upcoming legislative session. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has made passage of such a bill, which could require transgender Texans to use the restroom which corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate, a priority.

The proposal threatens to split the Texas Republican Party, which controls all three branches of government in Austin. Proponents include the lieutenant governor and the Senate he leads, while the Texas House of Representatives is more sympathetic to the state’s business community. The politically powerful chamber of commerce and the Texas Association of Business both strongly oppose any bathroom bill.

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Bus drivers hand out anti-gay leaflets disguised as Christmas gifts

This is wrong on so many levels. Christians don’t like when other religions push their agenda on Christians, yet feel it’s perfectly valid for them to do it.

Parents have reacted angrily after their children came home with anti-same sex marriage leaflets – which had been disguised as Christmas presents.

The children were presented with golden envelopes when they boarded the bus home from school, assuming it was a kind gift from their driver.

A sticky note on the envelope read: “To the wonderful people who care for me everyday! Merry Christmas”.

However the kids and their parents were stunned to find a leaflet from anti-LGBT group Marriage Alliance inside the post.

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Texas Bill Would Out Students to Parents

Please, if any of you live in Texas, I urge you to do all you can to prevent this bill from becoming a tragic part of the law of that state. This law fosters mistrust and will only serve to alienate youth from adults in general. It’s heartbreaking. Representative Burton seeks to destroy families and potentially put thousands of children onto the streets of Texas cities. How is this right??

A Texas state lawmaker has proposed a law that critics say would force schools to out gay students against their will to their parents.

State Rep. Konni Burton filed Senate Bill 242 just days after Donald Trump was elected president, amid increasing reports of harassment and violence against minorities across the country.

Elliott Griffin, Burton’s chief of staff, told the Houston Chronicle the bill was “written in response to the Fort Worth school district issuing new guidelines about transgender students.”

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