U Street Assault Victim Gets New Teeth Free

Dr Banks is a hero!

A DC man has a reason to smile again after a terrifying assault incident along U Street last week.

Zach Link and another man were seriously injured during an assault, that is being described as a suspected hate crime by police.

Link had a broken nose, as well as several cuts and bruises and broken teeth from the April 16 attack, where three suspects shouted homophobic slurs as Link and his friend were attacked near a gay bar at 10th Street and U Street in Northwest D.C.

A DC dentist, Dr. Christopher Banks at Capital Cosmetic Dentistry heard Link’s story and was able to help provide him with a new smile at no cost.

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Lesbian Couple Brutally Beaten by Neighbors

I’m sorry to both of these women. I’m sorry we live in a world of hate. I’m sorry your neighbors are so ignorant and vile. I hope these two inhuman women are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

A lesbian couple has been viciously attacked in front of their home by two neighbours.

Isabel Gaviria and Maria Perilla, who live in Bogotá, Colombia, were confronted by Yackeline Hurtado and her daughter Angie Hurtado.

Colombia has taken many steps towards LGBT equality in recent times. Earlier this year,three gay men married each other to become the first legally polyamorous family in the country.

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Wife of Pulse Shooter Arested

Well this is surprising news, I must say. I’m glad she’s been arrested, though. I’m tired of these women pleading ignorance when I’m quite sure the opposite is true.

Noor Salman, the widow of Pulse shooter Omar Mateen, has been arrested in California, where she faces charges for aiding and abetting, as well as obstruction of justice. After her husband killed 49 people inside Orlando’s gay nightclub this June, Salman relocated to San Francisco and will make her first appearance tomorrow.

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Save Your Sympathy. You Are The Problem.

I have definitely notice that even the likes of Hillary Clinton focus on the massacre of 12 June 2016 as being a terrorist/Muslim crime, but a hate crime. Full stop. End of story.

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, Utah Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox attended a vigil for the victims and gave a speech, which soon went viral, in which he apologized for his past homophobic behavior and thanked the LGBTQ community for being patient with him while he evolved.

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Prince William Covers Gay Magazine

While it may seem inappropriate for me to share this in the wake of the Orlando nightclub massacre, he does speak out against LGBT bullying. I strongly believe that this is what led the terrorist to take the steps he did: because of hatred and shame of the LGBT community and his role in it. If you’re in the right place, pick up a copy when it’s released next month.

Prince William has been photographed for the cover of Britain’s bestselling gay magazine, Attitude, making him the first member of the royal family to pose for an LGBT title. It is due to be published on Thursday, just four days after the murder of 49 people in an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The Duke of Cambridge, whose late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, was famously supportive of LGBT people and an early champion of people living with HIV/AIDS, has continued her legacy with both a cover shoot and an extensive feature in the July issue of the magazine.

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The thrum of a heartbeat,
A light quiver of flesh,
A sign of life.
A rapid beat,
Felt deep in the bones,
Music that moves.
Strong movement,
Producing regular beats,
Feeling alive.
The end of life,
the pursuit of all happiness.


© 2016, BlueJeanFemme

Orlando – Call it what it is

My sincerest apologies for not addressing what happened at Pulse in Orlando, Florida on the night of June 11/12 before now. I had a very busy weekend and didn’t have much computer time. If I had more patience typing out posts on my phone, I would’ve done it sooner.

I admit that I haven’t read much about the event, other than to know it’s been called the worst mass murder of innocent individuals in US history. 50 souls horrifically torn from this world – from their lovers and friend and family – by one individual so full of hate that he felt some need to do this. I admit whole-heartedly that I am glad beyond words that the S.W.A.T. team was able to end his life as well, because scum like that doesn’t deserve a “fair trial.” You take lives, you give up your own. Period.

My heart goes out to the lovers, friends and families of the victims who have to try picking up the pieces after this kind of devastation and attempt to move on with their lives. I don’t envy the tasks of the officers who must sort through the aftermath and then share with those left behind what little news they may have.

Everyone is so gung-ho to scream about him being a radical. Reports are now that he may have been a sympathizer, if not outright radical. That’s fine, whatever. But the fact remains that no one is calling this exactly what it is: the biggest HATE crime in US history. Whether he was radical or not, his religion taught him to hate. And it’s not just Muslims who teach their followers to hate LGBT people; Christians are just as guilty of spreading that hate. But it’s easier for Christians to just point the finger at the Muslim and say, “But it wasn’t us.” It wasn’t them this time, though I’m sure plenty of them are thrilled to bits that the shooting happened at a gay nightclub. We like to think that terrorists are only born and created in the Middle East, but they are born and live here too. And I don’t mean just the Muslims in the US who are feeling sympathetic toward what ISIS is doing. Look at what happened in Oregon earlier this year with the “well armed militia”. That was terrorism, too, whether you want to admit it or not.

This epidemic has to stop, but I doubt it will.