Putin Says He Has Gay Friends But…

Okay so Putin claims to have gay friends – and he even likes Elton John!!! – but he still equates LGBT folk with pedophiles. I wonder how his “pedophile” friends view this opinion.

He loves Elton John and has gay friends, but Russian President Vladimir Putin equated LGBT people to pedophiles and suggested “cleaning up” Russia of their influence in a robust defense of the country’s anti-gay law before the Winter Olympics in Sochi next month.

In an interview taped Friday and broadcast Sunday, Putin told Russian and foreign news anchors that nobody who protested the law during the Olympics would be arrested for “gay propaganda” and claimed to be uninterested in people’s sexual orientation. A transcript of the interview was posted on the Kremlin’s website.

“None of our guests will have any problems with this,” Putin said. “There are no fears for people with this nontraditional orientation who plan to come to Sochi as guests or participants,” he added.

Nonetheless, Putin attempted to deflect the firestorm of international criticism over the law that has overshadowed the Games.

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“Mayor” of Sochi’s Olympic Village Defends Russia’s Anti-LGBT Law

Naturally they’re going to appoint a politician who voted FOR the law as “mayor” of the Olympic village. *rolls eyes* Ya know what? If you don’t want your children being exposed in some way to any LGBT view points during the Olympics, how about you just not air any of the Olympics on YOUR television channels? They’re state controlled, aren’t they?

A “mayor” of the Sochi Olympic Village has defended Russia’s law against “gay propaganda” ahead of the Winter Games next month.

Svetlana Zhurova, a gold medal-winning figure skater and lawmaker in the Russian parliament who voted for the bill last June, said in an interview on the independent Russian TV channel Dozhd that she “voted to stop people promoting it to minors.”

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