Gay Sex for Rent

I’m sure Buzzfeed chose to conduct their investigation on Facebook because Facebook has been under fire for the whole debacle with Cambridge Analytica, but let’s be honest: Craig’s List still exists and I’m quite sure all this shit happens on that site, too. And a number of lesser known sites as well. Aside from that, though, what is worse is the climate we’ve created that’s causing these young men to put themselves in this situation. We’ve wiped out trade schools by pushing the need for a college degree in order to get ahead in life and now we have millions of people who can’t find work. We should work harder to change the country rather than bashing one company for what it allows or doesn’t allow on its site.

BuzzFeed News has uncovered dozens of ads on Facebook and other sites that reveal a new LGBT dimension to the housing crisis: young men lured into “sex for rent” contracts to avoid sleeping rough. In a multi-part investigation we expose the truth about these landlords, as young men speak out about being raped, beaten, drugged, infected with HIV and treated as domestic slaves.

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‘Christian’ Love Hard at Work

More and more I see so-called Christians expressing more hate than love. They play fast and loose with the words of the bible, picking and choosing what they feel their god has commanded of them. Amazing, really. Still, it amuses me to see people reacting completely opposite of what these haters expect. They cannot control people, much as they like to think they can. (I wish WordPress had emojis)

Facebook pages can be controlled and run in any manner that the creators see fit, but that isn’t going to stop other people from posting on them as they choose. The Christian Facebook page “Warriors For Christ” took it upon themselves to let all their followers know that if they posted a rainbow pride emoji, they would be banned. It may be needless to say, but the Internet took hold of things from this point, and the page is now colored in rainbows.

According to Patheos, the Christian Facebook page decided to post a status earlier this week that simply stated, “A rainbow emoji will get you instantly banned from our page.”

It was posted in all capital letters to get the emphasis and point across, but it really ended up having the complete opposite effect they likely desired.

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New Regime Leadership: Jeff Sessions

I think I’m going to start a new series which I hope you all will contribute to as we fall into lives under a new regime. I admit I don’t go searching for news. I mainly post what I come across on Facebook or the handful of news sites I look at. So if you know of others that might fall under this New Regime Leadership series, please please share.

The man President-elect Donald Trump has nominated as his attorney general pick is a vocal opponent on issues like same-sex marriage and federal hate-crimes legislation, raising concerns among the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community,

“It is deeply disturbing that Jeff Sessions, who has such clear animus against so many Americans — including the LGBTQ community, women and people of color — could be charged with running the very system of justice designed to protect them,” Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization, said in a statement.

“When Donald Trump was elected, he promised to be president for all Americans, and it is hugely concerning and telling that he would choose a man so consistently opposed to equality as one of his first — and most important — cabinet appointees,” Griffin added.

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S. FL LGBTQ bars on alert after threat of Pulse-style massacre

You are seven levels of stupid if you’re going to announce your intentions far in advance and quite publicly so the police and your target can prepare for whatever you think you’re going to do.

Police in a Fort Lauderdale, Fla. suburb are looking for a man with an extensive criminal record who posted a frightening threat on Facebook: “It’s time to clean up Wilton Manors from all you AIDS-infested losers,” and “None of you deserve to live. If you losers thought the Pulse Nightclub shooting was bad, wait ’til you see what I’m planning for Labor Day.”

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Fundamentalist Christian Haters, Take Note!

If you don’t want your money to go to a company that openly supports transgender people, you can’t buy an iPhone, eat an Egg McMuffin, drink a Sprite, stock up Budweiser, or fill your prescriptions at either of the nation’s two largest pharmacy chains because Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Walgreens, and CVS all scored a 100 on the HRC index.

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When Bigots Freaked Out About Rainbow Doritos

These responses are too hilarious. Lol

Sometimes, anti-LGBT behavior is so bigoted that all you can do it make fun of it and turn it into spectacle to make people aware that it (still) exists.

Remember in August when Target announced that it would be taking a gender-neutral approach to signage in its stores and people, of course, freaked out? In response, Mike Melgaard made a fake — but convincing — Target help desk account on Facebook and brilliantly trolled the anti-LGBT users complaining about the gender-neutral move on the corporation’s Facebook page.

Well, Melgaard is once again up to his hilarious antics — this time in response to social media users freaking out on the Doritos Facebook page about the release of rainbow Doritos in partnership with Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project.

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How Facebook Taught One Transgender Man What It Feels Like To Be Totally Cut Off

Last October, Facebook apologized to the LGBT community for the way it was enforcing its “real name” policy in a way that unfairly opened people like drag performers and transgender individuals — those whose everyday name might not match their legal name — to abuse. Any user could file a complaint that such a profile was “fake” and Facebook would give the benefit of doubt to the complainant, not the targeted user. Months later, transgender people continue to have the same problem.

Last week, a former Facebook employee who identifies as “Zip” explained how she was the latest victim. She not only worked at Facebook, but she initiated the feature that allows users to select from a wide variety of gender identity options. Like the complex ways people might identify their gender, Zip pointed out that “Names aren’t that simple and the reasons people use names are also not that simple.”

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A third of Fortune 500 companies now cover transgender health care

This is awesome news for our transgendered brothers and sisters!! Let’s hope we reach 100% soon!

The number of Fortune 500 companies willing pay for sex reassignment surgeries and other transgender-related healthcare has gone from zero in 2002 to 169 this year, according to a new report from the Human Rights Campaign.

The report, which ranks corporations on their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans employees, also found that more than half of corporations with more than 500 employees that participated in the survey now cover the procedures. That’s 418 firms.

Some of the biggest names in corporate America are among those who have signed up to cover the procedures, at up to $75,000 per employee. Facebook Inc., Visa, Starbucks Corp., CVS Health Corp. and Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc. are just some of the firms that decided this year to begin covering the procedures for their workers for the first time.

“The jump in terms of employers adopting transgender benefits has been the most dramatic of any single aspect of the Corporate Equality Index in its entire history,” said Deena Fidas, the director of the Human Rights Campaign’s Workplace Equality Program, which has been producing the report for more than a decade.

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Dear Facebook

Hello Lovelies! This letter is a very powerful one and there’s not much I can add to it. My only issue is that there is no way that I know of that Facebook can be sure the name you are using is your own, unless they ask for a valid ID and/or send someone to your house to make sure you are who you claim to be online. Even I have had two accounts, but I let the first one die away. I don’t remember Facebook going to any extensive length to verify my identity.

I’d love to hear what any of you have to say about this letter.

Dear Facebook: This is why your new ‘real name’ policy hurts queers like me


Back to School… Back to Bullying?

Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday afternoon, my girlfriend shared on Facebook one of the most heartbreaking videos I’ve seen in a while. It was of a young boy, Jonah, about to start the 8th grade. The entire video was music and him tearfully sharing words on index cards. In his words, Jonah talked about cutting himself (he showed scars) since the 2nd grade. He talked about being bullied since that time too. He had only one friend left; everyone else hated him. He admitted hating himself too: because he’s gay. He was scared to start school again.

I decided to search online to see if there was any word of whether he’d survived and thrived or if he wound up killing himself to escape. I am thrilled beyond measure to report that no only did Jonah survive bullying, but he seems to have his own channel on YouTube. And he’s grown into a beautiful young man.

Watching that video reminded me that I could and should write something about it on my blog. Beginning this week and throughout the next month or so, schools across the nation will begin again. And there will be hundreds of kids like Jonah – both gay and straight, male and female – who are bullied because something about them is different. Being different shouldn’t be a social crime. Imagine a world if we were all the same. How dull and boring would that be?

I’m challenging anyone who stops here and reads this post to talk to one child or teen in your life about bullying. He or she doesn’t have to be the victim or the one doing the bullying. Standing by and doing nothing is just as bad as the one who bullies. Someone needs to be told every time that bullying happens or it will never stop. No child should fear leaving their home for what they might experience nor should they ever feel that the only means of escape is to end their own life.