EU Partners Can Now Live Together

While their marriages won’t be recognized, yet, I feel this is a step in the right direction.

The highest court in the European Union has declared on Tuesday that all EU citizens – whether in opposite-sex or same-sex relationships – can bring their non-EU spouses into their country to live with them, even if that member state doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage. LGBT organisations have hailed the historic ruling as a victory for human rights.

In a landmark case, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in favour of a Romanian man, Relu Coman, who had been denied the right to bring his American husband, Robert Hamilton, into Romania (where same-sex marriage is not legal), and who had brought a legal challenge against the decision.

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Russia Accuses EU Of “Aggressive Propaganda Of Homosexual Love”

Russia, Russia, Russia… whatever will we do with you?

First you accuse the EU of this aggressive propaganda, then you accuse Germany of failing to protect LGBT rights. Why should you care what anyone else does? You’re like a nosy neighbour who has to point fingers and tattle on everyone else in the neighbourhood. Get a grip, Russia!

Russia has accused the European Union of the “aggressive propaganda of homosexual love” in order to force “an alien view of homosexuality” on all countries worldwide — while simultaneously slamming Germany for not doing enough to protect LGBT rights.

According to a Russian foreign ministry report on human rights in the EU, published Wednesday in Russian and a clumsy English translation, the EU’s member states “consider, as one of their priorities, the dissemination of their neo-liberal values as a universal lifestyle for all other members of the international community.

“This is particularly evident in their aggressive promotion of the sexual minorities’ rights,” the report says. “Attempts have been made to enforce on other countries an alien view of homosexuality and same-sex marriages as a norm of life and some kind of a natural social phenomenon that deserves support at the state level.” At one point, the English version of the report refers to gay people as “queers” — even though the Russian original refers to them as “people with non-traditional orientation.”

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West urges Serbia to allow, protect gay Pride

Nice way to hold their feet over the flames. If Serbia wants to join the European Union, accept gay rights. 🙂

BELGRADE (Reuters) – Western envoys urged Serbia on Wednesday to make sure a planned gay pride march this month goes ahead without violence, in a test of the Balkan country’s commitment to tolerance and diversity as it eyes talks on joining the European Union.

Authorities in Serbia banned Belgrade Pride last year and the year before, after a 2010 march triggered rioting by nationalist protesters and soccer hooligans. Gay rights activists say they will try again on September 28.

Conservative societies across the Balkans have been slow to accept greater gay rights, and similar events across the region have often ended in violence.

Violence mars first gay parade in Montenegro

So sad that people always resort to violence as a solution to things they don’t agree with. 😦

BUDVA, Montenegro (Reuters) – Police clashed with anti-gay protesters in Montenegro on Wednesday as they tried to disrupt the first gay pride parade to be held in the staunchly conservative Balkan country that is in talks to join the European Union.

Around 200 demonstrators hurled stones, bottles and flares at policemen in the coastal town of Budva who were keeping them separate from around 40 marchers wearing shirts bearing the colors of the rainbow, the symbol of the gay rights movement.

At least ten demonstrators were arrested and several marchers were slightly injured, according to police.

Protesters chanted “Kill the gays” and carried banners that read “Only healthy Montenegro”, a Reuters reporter on the scene said.