Suras and Tolerance: Meet Europe’s Gay Imam

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While I am thrilled to see a gay imam, I also fear for his life. Who knows how long it will be before some extremist finds and murders him? :o( Still, I hope he does good work for as long as he’s able.

Ludovic Mohamed Zahed dines on a shrimp salad as he tells his story in a restaurant in Stockholm. The trip to Sweden was a long one and he looks a bit worn out.

Born in Algeria, Zahed’s parents moved to France when he was a young child. When he went to school there for the first time, his teacher asked him if he was a boy or a girl. He was a delicate child, slender, shy and affable. Zahed recalls his father telling him he was a pansy, a crying little girl. Then his father went silent. He no longer looked at Zahed or even spoke to him.

Zahed asked himself what it was he was put on this Earth to do? Who am I? He was filled with self-doubt. Looking for answers, he went to a mosque at the age of 12.

Islam, Zahed would learn, provided answers to all questions. The Koran is a book about which there can be no doubts. Allah overcomes all resistance. As a Muslim, you are a student of Islam and your mission in life is to praise God.

Zahed read the Koran and became a member of a Salafist brotherhood. He prayed five times a day and cherished the answers he received as well as the support. Zahed decided he wanted to become an imam, a Muslim scholar, and that he wanted to study in Mecca.

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