Australian Couple Votes No for Gay Marriage

I’m sorry, but I really don’t understand how there are any consequences to coming out. Least of all that they should be that we cannot get married nor have children. If marriage isn’t for you, FINE, but why should you take away another gay couple’s right to do what you don’t want to do? Do single straight women and men who are fine with staying single their whole life think that other straight people should not be married nor have children? If you do something bad in life, yes there should be consequences, but being a homosexual is NOT one of those bad things!!!

A gay Australian couple has said that they intend to vote against marriage equality in the upcoming postal vote.

The couple, Mark Poidevin and Ben Rogers, met 15 years ago on a website appropriately named ‘’. They say it was love at first sight.

Despite their love, they will be voting against marriage equality, they told ABC Australia.

“I used to be a believer in same-sex marriage”, Poidevin explained.

He even proposed to his partner and was rejected, as Rogers said it is not his “cup of tea”. “At the time Ben said it wasn’t for him, that he didn’t believe in it, and I said, ‘When the laws change, would you like to?’”

However, Poidevin’s views soon began to align with his partners and now the prospect is nearing in the form of a postal survey, Poidevin will be voting no.

“There’s never been any discrimination with any of our families, or dramas coming our way because of our sexuality,” he said.

The couple believes that marriage can only be a heterosexual union.

Poidevin said: “When I first came out I think one of the consequences was giving up marriage and children and things like that.

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GOP lawmaker: There’s a ‘distinction’ between gays and human beings

As of this date and this article, I am going to track how long it takes between the time I was first made aware of a particular GOP politician’s hate-filled words and the time he’s outed.

A Republican lawmaker has claimed that there is a “distinction” between human beings and homosexuals.

Rick Brattin, a Republican lawmaker in the Missouri House of Representatives, made the shocking claim during a debate over a bill amendment to protect LGBT people from discrimination.



KY Couple Gets Rude Eviction

It’s a shame people can’t be honest about their hatred up front. No one could possibly move out of a home within 24 hours. I hope others avoid renting from her so she ends up penniless.

A married Kentucky couple says their landlord, who is also a member of local government, both assaulted and evicted them from their apartment after she learned they were gay.

Joshua Melton and his husband, James Feltner, said they never had a problem with Manchester City Council Member Esther Thompson, who owns the town home they’d been living in for about nine months, until mid-June, WYMT reports. At that point, the men claim Thompson told them that she “should have never rented to the faggots,” and gave them just 24 hours to leave the apartment.

The news channel did not locate an official eviction notice. Instead, they found a complaint that Thompson filed in July, seeking $2,500 from Melton and Feltner, saying that the couple had “violated their lease in many ways,” including having six dogs.

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More Hatred in NC

You know, politicians want you to believe that the terrorists like ISIS/ISL are the terrorists we need to focus on. Meanwhile, terrorists in our own backyard will destroy this country from within like a fucking cancer. I am ASHAMED to say that any part of my family is from that horrible state. I have cousins that live there now, but I know they embrace the hatred so as far as I’m concerned, they are nobodies.

The atmosphere in North Carolina is growing more hostile by the day. Now that LGBTQ discrimination is officially legal in the Tar Heel State, antigay terrorists have decided to kick things up a notch by burning rainbow flags outside of LGBTQ-friendly churches.

After the state’s homophobic governor Pat McCrory signed HB2 into law last month, effectively legalizing hate and discrimination against LGBTQ people in North Carolina, the United Church of Christ in Hillsborough raised two rainbow flags as a show of solidarity with the gay community.

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NC just passed one of the nation’s most anti-LGBT laws

It’s a little sad that I have family living there. Thankfully I don’t visit often, because I’d probably have to quit visiting. You go Carolina! SPREAD THE HATE!!

On Wednesday, North Carolina lawmakers proposed and passed — within just 24 hours — a combination of some of the most anti-LGBTQ measures proposed in the US, codifying the legality of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity into law.

How did this happen?

It began when the government of Charlotte, North Carolina, wanted to ban businesses from discriminating against LGBTQ people, much in the same way businesses can’t discriminate against people based on their race or religion today. So on February 22, the city council passed an ordinance doing just that.

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SD governor vetoes law on transgender bathrooms

Finally someone listening to sense.

Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard, who initially reacted positively to the proposal but said he needed to research the issue, rejected the bill after groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the Human Rights Campaign insisted it was discriminatory.

In his veto message, Daugaard said the bill “does not address any pressing issue” and that such decisions were best left to local school officials. He also noted that signing the bill could create costly liability issues for schools and the state. The ACLU had promised to encourage legal action if the bill became law.

“I am so happy right now. You have no idea,” said 18-year-old Thomas Lewis, a transgender high school student in Sioux Falls. Lewis said he has support at his school, but that the veto shows such support goes beyond his friends.

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John Kasich On Bakeries That Won’t Serve Same-Sex Couples: ‘Make Them A Cupcake’

He’s so fucking ignorant as is everyone else who thinks like him. Keep brushing these issues under the rug and it will explode in your face and we all know explosions are NEVER pretty.

This week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) suggested that bakeries inclined to refuse service to a same-sex couple should still serve them.

Speaking at the University of Virginia on Monday, Kasich insisted that churches should not have to violate their beliefs, but the same is not true of businesses. “People talk about religious liberty, and I think frankly our churches should not be forced to do anything that’s not consistent with them,” he said, “but if you’re a cupcake maker and someone wants a cupcake, make them a cupcake. Let’s not have a big lawsuit or argument over all this stuff. Move on.”

Cupcakes have not really been part of the controversy at bakeries. Indeed, it is wedding cakes that bakers like Jack Phillips in Colorado or Aaron and Melissa Klein in Oregon have refused to sell to same-sex couples. It’s unclear if Kasich meant to express support for nondiscrimination laws or if he is frustrated by the controversy some business owners are creating. Either way, his position is still to the left of other Republican presidential candidates like Marco Rubio and in particular, Ted Cruz, who has specifically highlighted “protecting” religious business owners as a pillar of his campaign.

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McCrory: If Charlotte approves LGBT protections, ‘immediate’ state response likely

So states’ rights trump local government’s rights? How is that fair? Perhaps if we all spoke with our wallets and avoided states that discriminate against their own residents, things might change.

Gov. Pat McCrory warned two Charlotte City Council members Sunday that if the city approves new legal protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people on Monday, the vote would “most likely cause immediate state legislative intervention.”

McCrory is concerned about a provision in the proposed expanded ordinance that would allow transgender residents to use either a men’s or a women’s bathroom. That part of the ordinance has also caused a furor in Charlotte and led to the ordinance being defeated 6-5 last year.

“It is not only the citizens of Charlotte that will be impacted by changing basic restroom and locker room norms but also citizens from across our state and nation who visit and work in Charlotte,” McCrory said in an email to the council’s two Republicans, Ed Driggs and Kenny Smith. “This shift in policy could also create major public safety issues by putting citizens in possible danger from deviant actions by individuals taking improper advantage of a bad policy.”

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Anti-Gay Bakers Finally Pay Their Fine

It must be nice to ignore the law and do whatever the hell you want. I hope they lose their business, but I know they won’t because the Conservatives will keep them afloat.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, have finally paid the fine they owe for violating Oregon state law by refusing to sell a wedding cake to a same-sex couple. After refusing to pay for over six months — and refusing to even obtain a bond or irrevocable letter of credit — the Kleins turned over a check for $136,927.07, which includes interest on the $135,000 they owe.

This sum of money was likely easily available to the Kleins. The Oregonian estimates that online donation efforts have raised the couple at least $515,000, and money continues to come in. This estimate likely also doesn’t account for any donations sent directly to them in the mail. Still, conservatives attempted to spin the story as devastating the couple’s finances.

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