Gay Couple Stabbed Outside Denver Night Club

Sometimes I truly wonder if we live in a progressive country.

Two gay men were holding hands while walking home from a nightclub early Sunday morning in Denver when a man attacked the couple, stabbing them multiple times.

“We were just walking and I guess he didn’t like what he saw … that we were holding hands,” Chris Huizar, 19, told local outlet 9News on Sunday.

Huizar and his boyfriend, Gabriel Roman, 23, were walking home from a dance club called The Church just after midnight when the two said they heard a man yell “fuckin’ faggots” before he attacked the couple with a folding knife. Huizar was stabbed in the neck and Roman was stabbed in the hand and back before they were able to escape.

“Tainted” Goods Sold by Lesbian

More hilarious ignorance from Not Always Right proving that Love Wins.


(I’m a manager. I am ringing up a woman I have sold things to before. We are making small talk as I ring her up. Note: I’m a lesbian.)

Customer: “I can’t believe the president came out in support for gay marriage!”

Me: “I know; kind of unbelievable!”

Customer: “That f** lover is going to burn in hell for that!”

Me: *biting my tongue* “Okay.”

(I finish ringing her up and hand the customer her bags.)

Customer: “They should round up all the gays and put them down.”

Me: “That would be bad for me, seeing as I am a lesbian.”

(The woman turns pale and walks out without saying a word. A few hours later, I get a call from the manager of another one of our stores. On the line, I can hear the same customer I previously sold items to ranting.)

Manager: *also a woman* “So, this woman is here wanting to exchange a bunch of stuff from your store. When I asked her what was wrong with the items, she said you tainted them; I have no idea what she is talking about. Could you maybe clear this up for me?”

Me: “Well, I bet it is because she found out I was gay.”

Manager: “I see.” *starts talking in sultry voice* “Well, I’ll see you tonight for our date. You should put on that that black lace bra and panty set I got you for your birthday! I love you!” *hangs up*

(I am very confused, seeing as I have never dated that manager, nor did she ever get me underwear, and as far as I know, she is not gay. Fast forward a few days later to the manager weekly conference call: apparently, the customer left the other store after thinking the other manager was also gay. That manager then called every other store in the area and told everyone about the customer. Over the next few days, the customer went to every store in a 20 mile radius trying to exchange the ‘tainted goods’. Everyone she talked to pretended to be gay when working with her and she left every time. To my knowledge, she never got her exchange.)



Gay Republicans Booted From Appearing At Conservative Summit In CO

Maybe someday we’ll let go of our death-grip on the strict two-party only system we have in this country. And before anyone bleats that we have other parties, when it comes down to it, you have either a Republican or Democratic president and either a Democratically controlled Congress or a Republican controlled one. It’s a shame when portions of one political party is shunned because of one aspect of their lives, which have zero to do with politics. Oh wait…. this is ‘murica where everything in your life has to do with politics.

Last week, organizers for one of the country’s top conservative conventions banned the nation’s leading gay Republican organization from setting up a table when attendees convene in June. The issue, they said, is that the Log Cabin Republicans’ support for same-sex marriage violates their “core biblical beliefs.”

“It seems a bit shortsighted not to allow us to participate,” Alex Hornaday, the vice president and spokesman for the Colorado chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, told BuzzFeed News.

For their part, the Western Conservative Summit organizers said they never invited the the Log Cabin Republicans to their Denver conference the first place, and said in an online statement that “they chose to make a news story of it.”

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Co. baker refused to write anti-gay words on cake

So, let me get this straight. It’s okay for HIM to discriminate and hate, but it’s not okay for the bakery to discriminate against him and refuse to spread his hate. That’s rich.

DENVER, Colo. – A Colorado bakery is under investigation for religious discrimination after a baker refused to write anti-gay words on a cake.

In March of 2014, a customer named Bill Jack requested several cakes in the shapes of Bibles from the Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colo., according to the bakery owner, Marjorie Silva.

Silva says Jack pulled out a piece of paper with phrases like “God hates gays” and requested her to write them on his cakes.

He wouldn’t let employees make a copy of the paper and would not read the words out loud, Silva claims. The bakery owner also says the customer wanted an image of two men holding hands with an “X” on top.

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Clerk won’t stop issuing licenses to gay couples

DENVER » Six gay couples filed a lawsuit Tuesday seeking to overturn Colorado’s gay marriage ban, adding to an escalating showdown in the state as its Republican attorney general urges Boulder officials to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Although Colorado’s constitution bans same-sex marriage, a ruling from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver last week regarding a Utah case said states cannot prevent people from marrying based on their gender.

That motivated Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall to begin issuing marriage licenses, even though the 10th Circuit put its ruling on hold pending an appeal.

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CO Gay Men That Accused Bakery of Discrimination Have Something ‘Demonic’ Inside of Them, Pundit Claims


“Dr. Chaps” Gordon Klingenschmitt spoke out against a Colorado court’s recent ruling that a Denver bakery must serve same-sex couples who seek wedding cakes or face fines.

Klingenschmitt, whose anti-gay statements have become a staple of his “Pray In Jesus Name” radio program, suggested that gay people have “something inhuman inside of them,” noting that he was looking into having administrative law judge Robert N. Spencer impeached in the wake of the ruling, Right Wing Watch is reporting.

“I admit that the two men [plantiffs Charlie Craig and David Mullins] are humans — they’re men,” the former Navy chaplain said. “But when they manifest sexual immorality, there’s something inside of them that is manifesting and, on this show, we like to discern the spirits and I would say that’s a demonic spirit that is manifesting inside of them.”

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Colorado’s Anti-Gay Bakery Owner Is A Victim Of ‘Secular Inquisition’

I find it extremely offensive to compare one man’s loss of his business simply because he refused to do business with a specific segment of society with a period in history where many lives were lost because the Catholic Church deemed their beliefs were heresy. Religion may be involved in both, but Mr Phillips was in no danger of losing his life. His livelihood, yes, but that’s what happens when you want to deal with only certain members of the general public.

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is mincing few words in his defense of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who was recently ordered by a judge to provide wedding cakes for same-sex couples or risk facing fines.

Fischer, whose opposition to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights is well-established, said Phillips, who owns Denver’s Masterpiece Cakeshop, was a victim of what he described as “the Secular Inquisition” on an installment of his “Focal Point” Radio Show, Right Wing Watch first reported.

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