If you troll, don’t leave a phone number around

If you’re gonna troll someone, make sure your victim can’t repay you by calling family members to inform them of what you’re doing. Clearly “David” has a lot to learn about trolling.

It’s not uncommon for politicians to receive rather unpleasant messages from people who don’t agree with their views, but this comment posted by an internet troll definitely crossed the line. However, the harassed man accidentally brought up a comeback that was brilliant: he called his grandmother to talk about the troll’s hateful comment.

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Thug Out, Demo In for NC

FINALLY some good news!!! The hate-fueled governor Pat McCrory is O-U-T. No, not out of the closet, out of office. And now there’s a new governor in town, Roy Cooper, who is a Democrat. Hopefully the horrendous bathroom bill that has plagued the state will be eliminated. Of course the loser can’t seem to comprehend that the people of NC don’t want him anymore.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Monday night dismissed the bulk of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s ballot challenges in the disputed governor’s race. Their ruling, along with a vote difference of more than 9,000 votes for Democratic challenger Roy Cooper, means North Carolina’s race is essentially over and the state’s attorney general will succeed its controversial governor.

“After tonight’s State Board of Elections decision, it is clear that most aspects of the 2016 election are ready to be concluded,” said North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse in a statement Monday night. “We thank election officials across the state for their dedication to our system, and for their best efforts to ensure an accurate count of the votes.”

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MN Republican Attacks Her Democratic Opponent For Being ‘LGBT’ and ‘Half Black’

Racism is still alive and well among the Republicans. And we’re all too aware already of their hatred of LGBT people.

During a Republican district convention in the suburban Twin Cities last month, Ali Jimenez-Hopper helped seal her endorsement as a state House candidate with a speech that attacked her Democratic opponent on the basis of her sexual orientation and race.

Referring to Erin Maye Quade, a staffer for Keith Ellison who has a black dad and is married to a woman, Jimenez-Hopper said “she is really far left [in] her values.”

“She brings up that she is half black and she uses that as a strength. She brings up that she is in support of LGBT and that lifestyle and puts out pictures on Twitter of her and her wife,” Jimenez-Hopper continued. “I believe in the traditional marriage in the sense that it’s between a husband and wife and God and that family is important. We need to have these values so we can go forth and think about your community.”

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La Governor Signs Executive Order To Protect LGBT Rights

❤ ❤ ❤ I wonder how many "refugees" Louisiana will gain from MS.

April 13 (Reuters) – Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards on Wednesday signed an anti-discrimination order protecting the rights of gay and transgender people, aligning his state on the liberal side of a political divide playing out across the South.

The Democrat’s executive order also protects state employees and employees of state contractors against discrimination based on other criteria including race, religion, disability or age. It also bans state agencies from discrimination while offering an exemption for churches and religious organizations.

Edwards followed in the steps of previous Democratic Louisiana governors Edwin Edwards and Kathleen Blanco in signing such an order as there is no state law protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) people from employment discrimination, the governor’s office said in a statement.

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Supreme Court Decision On Marriage Equality ‘Just The Beginning’

“Our fight for LGBT equality is not nearly over,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) stated emphatically in an interview with me last week on SiriusXM Progress. “And I’m hopeful, very hopeful, that the Supreme Court will say it’s unconstitutional to ban gay marriage. But that’s really just the beginning of fighting for our rights. We have to actually make sure all LGBT couples can have full parenting rights, have full social security and other federal benefit rights. We want to make sure companies can’t discriminate against members of the community because of who they love and who they are. And it’s really important [to take on] discrimination wherever it exists.”

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Arizona State Senator Tells Gay Colleague To ‘Act More Gay’

Wow. Just… wow. More proof that politicians don’t think before opening their mouths.

Arizona state Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) advised openly gay state Sen. Steve Gallardo (D) to “act more gay” in a closed-door caucus meeting Tuesday during which she sought to remove Gallardo from his post as Senate minority whip, according to Arizona Capitol Times.

Cajero Bedford argued that Gallardo’s decision to run for Congress while serving as minority whip, and the fact that he hadn’t previously disclosed his sexual orientation, warranted his removal from the leadership post. Cajero Bedford’s impromptu vote to oust Gallardo failed 3-8.

“She said that I should be more gay and she questioned my integrity. She said she was glad I came out (of the closet), but that I should be more gay,” Gallardo told the Capitol Times. “I’m more offended that she questioned my integrity.”

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Charlie Crist ‘Sorry’ He Backed Gay Marriage Ban

I love how politicians change with the wind. It didn’t suit him to support gay marriage as a Republican, but it does now that he’s jumped over the fence and become a Democrat. Excuse me if I don’t buy his sincerity.

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist apologized for backing a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in 2008 during an interview with an Orlando LGBT publication on Tuesday.

“I’m sorry I did that. It was a mistake. I was wrong. Please forgive me,” Crist told Watermark Online. When asked whether his previous statements against gay marriage and gay adoption were “politically expedient,” he said, “They were. They were. And it was wrong. That’s what I’m telling you. And I’m sorry.”

Crist was a Republican when he served as governor from 2007 to 2011, but is now running for a second term as a Democrat.

In 2008, he voted for the successful Amendment 2, which enshrined a ban against same-sex marriage in the state’s constitution. At the time, he said, “It’s what I believe in.” The year before, Crist had said that he had a “live and let live” attitude and that it was “not an issue that moves me.”

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Michelle Bachmann was Right!!!

So sorry for your defeat, Miss Bachmann. Clearly you don’t know what your constituents really want.

As for state Senator Scott Dibble, congratulations! I’m sure it feels rewarding to be at the helm of such a monumental decision for you and your husband. May you have many long and beautiful years together.

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has been telling Minnesotans for years that gay marriage could find its way into the state if they didn’t act to stop it. On Tuesday, Bachmann’s prediction came true: Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (D) signed a bill that had been passed by the state Legislature, including by lawmakers who had worked alongside then-state Sen. Bachmann.