Formula 1 Driver Yells at Nephew on Instagram

It’s one thing for you to disagree with how your sibling is raising her/his child. It’s one thing for you to disagree with allowing one gender to wear the clothes of another. But it is Super Assholey of you to yell at a child and then post it on the Internet for millions to watch AND IT NEVER FUCKING GOES AWAY. Lewis Hamilton is the ultimate lowlife asshole scum.

Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula One World Champion, has yelled at a small child, mocking him for wearing a princess dress.

Hamilton, 32, took issue with his nephew’s Christmas present – to such an extent that he shouted at him on camera.

And then he uploaded the video to his 5.7 million Instagram followers.

Because when you loudly mock a child for dressing up in a costume which just so happens to go against gender norms, you want the whole world to see – apparently.

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Bus drivers hand out anti-gay leaflets disguised as Christmas gifts

This is wrong on so many levels. Christians don’t like when other religions push their agenda on Christians, yet feel it’s perfectly valid for them to do it.

Parents have reacted angrily after their children came home with anti-same sex marriage leaflets – which had been disguised as Christmas presents.

The children were presented with golden envelopes when they boarded the bus home from school, assuming it was a kind gift from their driver.

A sticky note on the envelope read: “To the wonderful people who care for me everyday! Merry Christmas”.

However the kids and their parents were stunned to find a leaflet from anti-LGBT group Marriage Alliance inside the post.

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