Christian Hate

It never ceases to amaze me how Christians claim to read and follow the bible, yet are selective in the help they extend to others and the love that they express toward others. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any asterisks in the bible that express limitations of any kind on the 10 commandments. I’m fairly confident that Jesus never said, “Do this, but….” Christians pick and choose what to follow. Now I know for a fact that not all Christians are like this. One of my nearest and dearest friends is a Christian who struggles against the hateful rhetoric everyday. But her voice is small in the onslaught of hate.

Sometimes it feels like the planet just keeps getting more and more evil, and this time we’re seriously shaking our heads. So here’s what happened: a Chicago school canceled a haunted house depicting the Pulse shooting. Naturally, the first thought in our heads is like, WHY was this ever going to happen? Yep, that’s right. The “Christian” haunted house depicting the Pulse shooting was supposed to be scary, but nothing about that is just, like, normal level scary. It’s straight up messed up.

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Christians More Accepting?

I realize the Pew Research Center is pretty reputable when it comes to polling, but I’m not entirely sure I trust these results, especially when groups like Million Moms (or whatever they’re called) feels the need to protest everything as evidenced on Jeff Patcher’s Musings. Jeff provides a daily dose of the latest boycott of these crazy women.



10 Bible-Based Reasons Why Christians Should Love Homosexuality

More Christians should step away from the church, which has historically dictated how people should live their lives, to explore what the Bible is saying to them.

When Matthew Vines turned 19, he had a revelation shared by many ordinary teenagers: He was gay. But since he was also a Bible-believing Christian, he knew he was facing a tremendous struggle.

“In my church and so many others,” Vines says, “being gay and Christian wasn’t an option. But I couldn’t give up on my faith.”

A sophomore at Harvard at the time, Vines left school to do some soul-searching. His goal: To reconcile his sexual orientation with what the Bible said about homosexuality.

He spent the next four-years pouring over Scripture, studying what it said about same-sex sexual behavior and relationships. The result is his book God and the Gay Christian. Vine calls the book “an open letter to modern Christians” about why they should support same-sex relationships, and what the Bible really says about homosexuality.

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How Christianity gave us gay marriage

I will let the article speak to you itself…

The suggestion sounds ludicrous: How could Christianity be responsible for the all-but-assured triumph of the movement for gay marriage? Aren’t the most committed Christians the most passionate defenders of traditional marriage and hence the most ardent opponents of permitting gay couples to marry?

From the overwhelming support for traditional marriage among white evangelical Protestants in the United States to the Catholic Church’s definition of homosexuality as “intrinsically disordered” to the black (Catholic and Anglican) Christians of Uganda who have recently worked to pass one of the most draconian anti-gay laws in the world, the answer would seem to be yes.

But things aren’t quite so simple. Just flip through the opening pages of everyone’s favorite work of secular prophesy — Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America (1835–1840) — and you’ll find a provocative alternative interpretation of Christianity’s indispensable role in the creation of the revolutionary ideal of human equality. The stunningly rapid rise of support for gay marriage over the past two decades is just the latest in a very long line of victories for that consummately Christian ideal — and it’s unlikely to be the last.

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Right Wing Christian Organization, Slams LGBT Victories

You know, if these people would rather die than live – as indicated in the end of their tirade – then maybe that’s a good thing. All they want to spread is a message that God is hate. If you believe with all your heart that you should fear an All Powerful Being that hates what he has supposedly created, it is your right. I’m sure that people like my new friend Not Just a Blonde would GLADLY take their place and spread the message of a more loving God.

Right-wing Christian organization The Family Leader is digging its heels as firmly into the ground as they can in response to recent social and political gains by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists and allies in the western world.

Earlier this week, officials for the group released a statement of vehement opposition to the trajectory of the LGBT movement, highlighting nine prominent gains made by LGBT activists and LGBT-related incidents through a conservative Christian lens on their website. These include framing California’s bill benefiting transgender minors as: “a bill was passed that allows boys to use the girls’ bathrooms/locker rooms, and vice versa.”

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It truly warms my heart to see something like this existing in the world. I’m also adding a link to the NALT website, which as you may or may not guess, doesn’t happen unless I feel really inspired or otherwise influenced by the work someone’s doing.

Dan Savage got so sick of people coming up to him after talks and TV appearances informing him that not all Christians were bigots and against full equality of LGBT people that he came up with a word for them — “NALTS” — for “Not All Like That.”

Part of the gay sex columnist and author’s frustration was that he wanted these Christians, who were so eager to tell him about their enlightened stance, to focus their efforts on telling that to the Christian leaders who were condemning gay people and telling it to LGBT people, especially young Christians, who need to hear that not all Christians are… well, “like that.”

Now some Christians have taken Savage’s challenge — and even adopted his title. Christian blogger John Shore and Wayne Besen, from Truth Wins Out, with the blessing and support of Savage, have launched NALT, The Not All Christians Are Like That Project. Based on the format of the “It Gets Better” campaign, the website launched on September 4th as a platform for Christians who want to send a direct message of welcome and acceptance to the LGBT community.

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Just Because He Breathes

I just read a beautiful and very tragic story about parents who lost their gay son before he reached the prime of his life and before he was able to share much of the triumphs and tragedies we all experience as each year passes into the next. I’m not going to post a bit of the article as I usually do. If you want to read it, you can find the article here. I’m also going to link to the blog Mrs Robertson maintains on this subject among the other links I have over on the side.

I hope that many people are touched by her experience and that slowly, but surely, the hatred which abounds for the LGBT community will get eaten away by those who do have a change of heart. I just hope it all happens with less tragedy and a lot more triumph.