Violence. Period.

There’s too much hate in the world. Not only against LGBT folk, but of course that’s the main focus. Why has it become such a huge problem to be different than others? To have different skin color, to practice a different religion, to believe that weapons should be regulated (here in the US), but above all that love is for all, to whoever your heart deems worthy? Why are we allowing hate to rule us? To shame us. To destroy love. It makes me sick every time there’s an article of this nature, but I don’t know what the answer is anymore, because the majority still don’t want love to win.

TORONTO — When Alihan finally made his way home, he could barely move. His badly bruised back had a rotting smell to it he couldn’t get rid of, no matter how much he showered. He had been beaten so badly during the weeks he spent in prison without charge that the blood under his skin began to dry, curl, and become infected. He had a high fever and needed help using to the washroom, but his family was too afraid to bring him to a hospital or a specialist.

A soft-spoken man in his twenties with short brown hair, Alihan is one of dozens of men the authorities have identified as gay who have been captured and beaten in the Russian republic of Chechnya since last February.

“I could have died,” Alihan told BuzzFeed News in an interview conducted in Russian. “When I stood up, I couldn’t breathe.”

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You’re Gay? No Stay!

It’s unbelievable that this kinda thing can happen.

Gardiner had just returned to Vancouver and was looking for a temporary place to stay while he looked for a new apartment.

He found a listing on Craigslist for a bed in a shared space with the condition that someone staying over was an extra $10 per night. He said okay, and let the renter know his boyfriend would be staying over.

“When I used the word boyfriend, that’s when everything turned south,” Gardiner told BuzzFeed Canada.

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Canadian Baby Identified as Agender

I’m sorry, but I do not understand whatever agender or non-binary shit is. I get loving the opposite sex. I get loving the same sex. I get loving both depending on the circumstances and the person you’re in a relationship with. I don’t understand what it’s like to be born in the wrong body, but I accept that it happens and am all for transgender rights. Anything outside of the L, the G, the B or the T is beyond me. In a world where people don’t want to be labeled, there are still thousands who reject the labels there are – for whatever reason – and decide to make up their own shit. In my eyes, they’re doing it for attention. I don’t understand one person wanting to be referred to as “they”. They, they’re, their have denoted multiple persons for I don’t know how long and suddenly it’s not…?

In this case, the parent involved is screaming for this child’s rights, but at the same time, the child’s rights are being taken by the parent. Let the child grow into the male or female body given at birth and if that child feels wrong, let her or him make up his/her mind alone. Why should a parent force their own issues on this child? Why make life difficult for the child if she/he is happy in their own body? Kinda makes me wonder if the parent would be happy if the child turned out to be a healthy heterosexual female or male.

I got this story from Lizzy the Lezzy on Facebook and as someone pointed out, there are medical issues that the child may experience that the doctor needs to know if the sex of the child is male or female as it could determine how something is treated or handled.

A Canadian baby has become the first to receive official identification which defines them as not having a gender.

Eight-month-old Searyl Atli Doty – Sea for short – got their national health card with a “U” entered in the sex category, months into a legal battle that their parent is still fighting.

Kori Doty, a trans non-binary parent, is appealing against the Vital Statistics Agency’s decision to refuse Sea a birth certificate.

Canadian PM to Attend Pride Parade

This is awesome for a government official as high as Mr Trudeau to attend a Pride event. Hopefully other world leaders will see the good that it does and follow in his footsteps.

Event organisers say this may be the first time any sitting leader has attended such an event.

Justin Trudeau will attend this year’s Pride parade in Toronto – making him the first Canadian prime minister to do so.

However, this will not be the leader’s first time at the event.

Trudeau has attended Pride parades in Toronto and Vancouver for years – but never as leader of the country.

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Here’s Why Gay Men Can’t Give Blood

Although this story speaks about Australia’s laws particularly, I felt the need to leave that part out of the title because it’s an issue here in the US. This is the 21st Century we live in. That we still treat people like this because of something they will probably never get is unacceptable. Now that we’ve achieved marriage equality here in the US, it’s time to focus on a new goal and I believe lgbt healthcare is it, with blood donation at the forefront.

In Australia, gay men who wish to donate blood are still forbidden from doing so despite advances in technology making it much safer.

First thing’s first: The ban isn’t simply on ‘gay’ men, it’s on any man who’s had sexual contact with another man (MSM) in the last 12 months.

That means any man, whether they’re single or in a committed relationship, must avoid all sexual contact with another man for 12 months in order to legally give blood. It also doesn’t matter whether that man always uses a condom, is regularly tested for HIV and other STIs or has a note form his doctor. The same rule applies to women who have sexual contact with MSM. (ie a woman with a bisexual partner)

There are similar rules in place around the world. In the U.S., MSM face a lifetime ban. In Canada the deferral period is five years and in New Zealand it is one year. In some countries, like South Africa and South Korea, there is no deferral period.

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Canada to LGBT Refugees: You’re Welcome Here, But First Prove You’re LGBT

Thanks for the idea, Canada, but…. wut? Seriously? Why not just force an LGBT person to kiss someone of the same sex in front of officials? Or perhaps public sex? You’re only adding insult to injury with this idea.

With one-third of countries around the world continuing to criminalize those who identify as LGBT, many refugees turn to nations like Canada where seeking asylum is granted to those facing persecution for their sexuality and gender identity in their home countries.

Though the law makes Canada seem like an LGBT-friendly nation, a recent report released by Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights, a grassroots-sponsored research and documentary project, suggests the immigration process for LGBT asylum seekers is anything but welcoming.

In the 59-page report, Is Canada a Safe Haven for Refugees?, a team of researchers identified the numerous challenges that the claims process presents for LGBT people attempting to enter the country, including proving one’s sexual and gender identity.

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Quebec Still Hasn’t Followed Through On Its Trans Rights Promise

Looks like the US isn’t the only government failing its transgendered citizens. Still, I think Canada will beat us to the punchline, as usual.

Quebec passed Bill 35 in December 2013, a piece of legislation that would mean trans people no longer require invasive surgery before being allowed to change their sex on government documents.

But now, closing in on two years later, nothing has actually changed.

“We have a potential for change but for now nothing has been done,” said Gabrielle Bouchard, the Peer support and Trans advocacy Coordinator for the Centre for Gender Advocacy.

As is, those who wish to change the sex marker on provincial identification must undergo either a hysterectomy or a vaginoplasty. It’s essentially forced sterilization, said Bouchard, in addition to being a violation of a person’s privacy and bodily integrity.

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Canadian Jewelry Store Displays Anti-Gay Marriage Sign

This is exactly what Christians can’t seem to grasp…

“If I had to know those posters were there beforehand, I wouldn’t give them business,” White told The Telegram. “I don’t know your personal beliefs; you don’t know my personal beliefs. You know that we’re a same-sex couple, but that’s fine. Keep it business.”

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