‘Kinky Boots’ Performers Have Amazing Response To Macy’s Day Parade Outrage

Sometimes people do things that leave me speechless. This is one of them. I am utterly outraged, but thoughts aren’t easily coming together.

I will say this: if you cannot get to New York to see the musical, borrow the movie. It’s on Netflix. It’s fabulous, but without all of the AMAZING music of Cindy Lauper. And it’s based on a true story.

Homophobia reared its ugly head in response to the supposedly cheerful Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, as some Americans took to social media to criticize the performance of “Kinky Boots,” an award-winning Broadway musical about a shoe factory owner and a drag queen who work together to turn the family business around. The way the performers responded to the controversy, however, was priceless.

Despite the show’s wholesome themes of cooperation, tolerance and friendship, Twitter and Facebook quickly lit up with Americans decrying the performance of the musical’s flashy finale “Raise You Up/Just Be” as unwholesome and unfit for the holiday parade broadcast.

Rather than be cowed by the controversy, however, the show’s Tony-winning star Billy Porter and some of his cast mates marched over to Macy’s the day after their performance in the parade and proceeded to do some Black Friday shopping. The kicker? Almost all of the male actors were outfitted in their sky-high stiletto boots and Porter was in full drag.

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So… the date

Okay so it was a week late and after I’d demanded a “divorce”, but Friday night I went to see a play with my friend T. LOL We listened to Gay Broadway off his phone while driving. Not sure what made it gay other than one of the songs we listened to was from Kinky Boots. The other music was from American Idiot the Musical and Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark  (of all things). I’m still shaking my head at that last bit.

We had a lovely dinner at Bonefish Grill which was lovely and the first time I’d been there. It was nice, but they need to turn up the lights a bit more. As we were leaving, there was an elderly couple standing in one section of the revolving door because it had the brightest light. Couldn’t blame them, really.

After dinner we went to the play. I think it’s something a local playwright must’ve put together, but it was a one act play based on the old 70s and 80s PC game Oregon Trail. It was funny and irreverent and we had a good time.

I look forward to our next “date”. LOL It should be easy to do again in the future because he’s on a committee for a local theatrical awards ceremony and has to see pretty much everything produced during the year. I happened to get an email about the play and it piqued my interest so I asked T if he was going and then got a ticket to join him.


Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Company’ To Get Gay Revision

This sounds like it would make a good story. 🙂

One of Stephen Sondheim’s most beloved Broadway musicals is about to get a gay makeover.

The New York Times reports that a new production of “Company,” which nabbed six Tonys when it premiered in 1970, is being developed by the Roundabout Theater Company. Director John Tiffany, who helmed Broadway’s “Once” as well as the current production of “The Glass Menagerie” starring Zachary Quinto, is said to be re-conceiving Bobby, the show’s protagonist, as a gay man struggling with commitment issues.

“It’s still a musical about commitment, but marriage is seen as something very different in 2013 than it was in 1970,” Sondheim told the Times’ Patrick Healy. “We don’t deal with gay marriage as such, but this version lets us explore the issues of commitment in a fresh way.”

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