Lesbian Couple Brutally Beaten by Neighbors

I’m sorry to both of these women. I’m sorry we live in a world of hate. I’m sorry your neighbors are so ignorant and vile. I hope these two inhuman women are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

A lesbian couple has been viciously attacked in front of their home by two neighbours.

Isabel Gaviria and Maria Perilla, who live in Bogotá, Colombia, were confronted by Yackeline Hurtado and her daughter Angie Hurtado.

Colombia has taken many steps towards LGBT equality in recent times. Earlier this year,three gay men married each other to become the first legally polyamorous family in the country.

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Tussle Over Gay Marriage In Colombia Heats Up

I hope our sisters and brothers are ultimately triumphant in this matter.

WASHINGTON — Claudia Zea and Elizabeth Castillo’s September wedding in the Colombian city of Gachetá was a legal triumph. They were among the first to secure marriage licenses under an order of the Constitutional Court.

But now they, like all the Colombian same-sex couples who have secured marriage licenses in the past few months, are facing a special type of legal action to have their marriage annulled. And this legal counter-offensive is shaping up to be a referendum on the independence of the judiciary and its historic role of protecting the rights of minorities.

The legal vehicle gay marriage opponents are using is especially galling to Castillo, who is a lawyer. The method, known as an acción de tutela, which has no U.S. equivalent, is specifically intended to provide emergency relief to those who’s rights are violated — but in these cases is being turned on its head to reverse rights.

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