Neighbors Unite Against Passive-Aggressiveness

With the stellar response of Mrs Pearlman’s neighbors, I daresay that the woman who found her flag so offensive isn’t a true neighbor, but was probably out for a walk and saw something she didn’t like. I love the passive-aggressive tone of the letter, too. Good to see neighbors still caring for one another. ūüôā

Susan Pearlman lives in the college town of¬†Ann Arbor, Michigan. So she was surprised when the day after the election, she came home to¬†find an anonymous letter from a neighbor saying that¬†they were¬†“deeply troubled” by the pride flag that¬†Pearlman was flying outside her home.

The neighbor¬†said in the letter that the flag, designed to look like an American flag but with rainbow stripes instead of the¬†red and white, “overlooks so many things the original American flag represents.” The neighbor goes on to ask Pearlman not to take the flag down but to instead put an American flag next to it, side by side.

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