Mom Rants Against Gay Photographer

Once again, the ignorance astounds me. I sincerely hope that either or both of this woman’s children turn out to be gay.

People unfortunately go through a lot of mental gymnastics to justify beliefs they have that aren’t exactly sound.

Unfortunately, some people’s minds will never be changed on an issue, something that 21-year-old Alabama photographer, Faith Grace, discovered the hard way after a pregnant woman who was interested in getting some maternity photos taken messaged her.

At first, everything seemed cool, but after the mom started looking at Grace’s social media accounts, she noticed something that troubled her: the young photographer was rocking an LGBT pride flag in her posts.

Apparently, the mother couldn’t bear the thought of having her pictures taken by someone with a different sexual orientation than her, so not only did she decline to do business with Grace, she sent her a text message letting her know that she specifically didn’t hire the young woman because she’s gay.


Gay Man to Challenge Kim Davis in Election

If a transgender woman can win an office in Virginia (state level) and Minnesota (city level), I say this man should go for it with all the gusto he can manage. People full of hate like Kim Davis will soon learn. Of course Alabama is proof that criminal actions or spending time behind bars isn’t a hindrance for thousands of voters.

A man refused a license to marry his fiancé by Kim Davis is preparing to stand against her in next year’s election.

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis is set to re-run for election in 2018, despite her extreme opposition to LGBT rights and being put behind bars for contempt of court.

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AL drag queen is suspended chief justice’s nightmare

❤ Ambrosia!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Wearing big hair, loads of makeup and high heels, small-town drag queen Ambrosia Starling is the new worst nightmare of suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Moore has called out Starling twice by name in recent days while defending himself against allegations of violating judicial canons with his opposition to same-sex marriage. During a news conference and in a written statement, Moore cited the cross-dressing entertainer as a reason he’s at risk of losing his job for the second time since 2003.

That’s fine with Starling, who helped lead an anti-Moore rally on the steps of the Alabama Supreme Court building in January. Opponents that day filled out more than 40 complaints against Moore, who already was the subject of other complaints and now faces removal from office if convicted of violating judicial ethics.

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Personal rant

Pardon me while I get a little personal today. I’m just at the point now that I’m ready to give up on everything. There’s so much hatred in the world today and not all of it directed solely at the LGBT community.

My best friend’s daughter is in a relationship with a guy and they have two lovely little boys together. Not married, but as good as. They live in a small town that doesn’t have much to offer any more, but they get by. The son-in-law has a recording studio in their home with which he makes money. Or at least they used to, until some fuckwad broke into their home last night, SHOT the SiL and stole all the equipment. Fuckwad told SiL not to try stopping them, to which SiL told him to take whatever he wanted and Fuckwad still shot SiL. By the grace of all the gods in the universe, the shot was in the shoulder. WHY?

States like North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama (not to mention countless others) doing all they can to show brotherly hatred toward people who may be different from their idea of perfection, rather than brotherly love. With representatives like these NOT VERY Christ-like Christians, why would anyone in their right mind want to follow a god who is clearly okay with how they treat other people?

All of this not to mention the extreme hatred of Muslims around the world that only seems to grow with each passing day. As if Catholicism or Protestantism or any other religion out there is superior to Muslims. We lump them all together and believe them all to be extremists, yet you wouldn’t ever hear of all Catholics being called pedophiles just because some priests were found guilty of doing so.

I’m ready to give up on this entire fucking planet. I’d leave if it weren’t for the few people I have anchoring me in place.


AL Ed. Official Warns Of ‘Homosexualist’ Common Core Takeover

Okay I’m quite sure LGBT parents are just as confused as straight parents when it comes to Common Core. And for the THOUSANDTH time, there is no gay agenda, no homosexual agenda, no transgender agenda. We all want to educate our children the same as anyone else. Why can’t you get that through your Cromagnon heads??? Just keep your “C” values out of the classroom unless you’re teaching in a “C” school. We have the right to raise our children in ANY religion, same as you.

An Alabama Board of Education member is drawing criticism for making a number of outlandish claims about the Common Core during a recent GOP luncheon.

Betty Peters, the state school board member for District 2, in the southeast part of the state, spoke at a meeting of the Republican Women of Coffee County Oct. 21 during which she espoused views on the Common Core, “transgender values” and the “homosexualist” takeover of education in Southern states.

Peters tore into the Common Core standards as an example of federal overreach and claimed the program allows “homosexualists” to influence schoolchildren, The Southeast Sun, a newspaper based in Enterprise, Alabama, reported this week.

“I understand Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi are the three Southern states targeted by the radical, left, homosexualists to change our students’ perspective,” Peters said, according to the Sun. “We have gone past gay, lesbian and bisexual and we’re now into gender fluid spectrum.”

“As I said when I first campaigned and I’ve said it every time since, we need to get back to the basics: Reading, writing and arithmetic from first grade on,” Peters continued. “We need to be teaching the ‘c’ part which is Christian values, not Muslim values, not transgender values. We need to be teaching the old Biblical values.”

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Desperate Times Call for Desperate Action

Politics is the only career in the whole entire country where experience and longevity is a bad thing. All of these latest idiotic things coming from the party of the elephant are all from the brilliant minds of the newbs. Including the crap with the letter from Congress to an enemy government. They will destroy our country, no doubt about it.

Texas is pushing a proposed law that would let the state overrule the Supreme Court. There’s just one problem: they can’t actually do that. Alabama judges have decided that they don’t have to obey federal courts either, except that in reality, they do. And Oklahoma politician wants to switch from marriage licenses to marriage certificates, which would accomplish … not very much.

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How Gay Rights Attorneys Will Defeat Chief Justice Roy Moore In Alabama

I had heard that Moore understands that he will more than likely be defeated in this whole mess, so I can only assume he’s just stamping his foot loudly because he can.

A motion filed in an Alabama federal court on Friday will likely bring Alabama’s efforts to thwart marriage equality in that state to an unceremonious halt. This motion, in the likely event that it is granted, will give a federal judge who sided with marriage equality authority over each of the state’s probate judges that refuse to comply with her decision.

The probate judges currently are caught between two dueling court orders. In the same week that lawmakers gathered in Selma, Alabama to commemorate the bloody march that inspired the Voting Rights Act and helped break the back of Jim Crow, the Alabama Supreme Court handed down a 134-page opinion placing the state in opposition to a different kind of civil right. On Tuesday evening, the state supreme court ordered all the state’s probate judges but one — Mobile Probate Judge Don Davis is subject to a federal court order requiring him to comply with the Constitution’s promise of equal rights under the law — to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Alabama. The state’s justices also hinted that they may soon extend this order to Judge Davis.

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Alabama State Supreme Court Goes Rogue, Thumbs Its Nose at SCOTUS over Marriage Equality

Federal Supreme Court vs. State Supreme Court

Unfortunately I will no longer support the Alabama Crimson Tide in football or in any other way, unless or until the idiots that run the state back down. If I ever have cause to return to Kentucky, I will change my whole route to avoid the state completely.

The Alabama Supreme Court fired a shot across the bow of the U.S. Supreme Court, defiantly challenging that court’s earlier decision to let same-sex marriages proceed in the state. The Tuesday opinion ordered probate judges in that state to stop issuing marriage licenses, setting up a rare legal showdown that pits state power against federal, leaving hopeful couples in a giant legal limbo and state probate judges scratching their heads at the competing directives.

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Alabama lawmaker offers what may be the dumbest anti-gay marriage argument yet

Yep. That’s pretty dumb alright!

We’ve all grown accustomed to the standard right-wing arguments against marriage equality. We’ve been warned of a slippery slope toward bestiality, incest, and pedophilia; we’ve listened to Christian conservatives rail against the sin and depravity of homosexuality; and we’ve witnessed some conservatives concoct a pseudo-intellectual justification for marriage discrimination. They call it “complementarity,” which is really just a less vulgar way of saying “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Alabama State Sen. Del Marsh (R) sees yet another reason to oppose marriage equality: Giving same-sex couples equal rights, he says, is simply too expensive.

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These Are The States Where Students Get Harassed The Most For Their Sexual Orientation

Hello Lovelies! If any of you adults live in either South Carolina or Alabama (especially), please, do what you can to become involved in some sort of outreach program or mentoring program to the younger people who are being harassed because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. We need to show them they aren’t alone. Of course this shouldn’t be restricted to just two states. We all know of the daily legal struggle LGBT folk have in all states.

Students in states such as South Carolina and Alabama face significantly more bullying over their sexual orientation than students in states like Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In October, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a group that works to make schools safe for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, released its 2013 National School Climate Survey. On Thursday, the group released further information about what these survey results look like by state, revealing the varying challenges faced by LGBT students in different areas of the country.

The 2013 National School Climate Survey asked almost 8,000 students between the ages of 13 and 21 from all 50 states about the type of environment they face at school. Overall, the results showed marked improvements from previous years, although more than 55 percent of those surveyed still reported feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation.

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