Dear GOP: Learn History

It seems that there are certain members of the GOP who don’t know history very well (excluding anything spewed forth from one Alaskan senator) or else comments being made by Dave Agema might be more accurate. This Michigan National Republican Committee member seems to have glossed over much of American history, otherwise he’d know that the main political platforms of both parties have switched many times over the past century and will very likely continue to do so.

There is apparently a petition going around started by Brad Fingeroot of the Oakland County Young Republicans calling for the Republican Party to adopt a more inclusive tone toward the homosexual community. There’s talk about it on Facebook and Mr Agema thinks that accepting homosexuals would be detrimental to the future of this country. Mr Agema accused Mr Fingeroot of trying to change the party’s long-standing principles.

Because if you look back over American history, political beliefs have always been the same. Take a history class and learn something Mr Agema. You will learn that political party “long-standing principles” can and will be changed. If you can’t accept it, that’s your problem. Clearly there are some – especially the next generation of Republicans – who are willing to make changes.

You could always start a much needed third party in this country and invite all of your hateful Republican cronies who are unwilling to change. I even have the ideal name for your political party: He-Man Woman-Haters Club.


My thanks to Huffington Post for providing another stellar article and my apologies to Our Gang for the insult.



Absurdly Laughable

Sue Everhart (R, GA.) needs to wake up to reality. According to an article on the Huffington Post’s website, legalizing gay marriage would cause hundreds, perhaps thousands, of straight people to pretend to be gay just so they can receive benefits. Well, Mrs. Everhart, guess what! Straight people get married for insurance purposes now. I lived with a straight couple in California for 2 years who had lived together for over twenty years and had just tied the knot mere months before I moved out there. Why? So she could be on his insurance. And there are millions of straight people on some kind of benefits deal with the Government who have no business being there.

You wanna work on people taking horrible advantage of the system, Mrs. Everhart? How about looking into the millions of people on disability for nothing more than high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain that could probably be helped if they were offered some kind of job with an employer who didn’t mind them moving about for 10 minutes once every few hours. If you need some assistance in where to find these people, I direct you to the recent series on NPR’s Planet Money on the startling rise of disability in America.


My Turn

I know this is just one small addition to the huge melting pot of gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered blogs out there, but I wanted something to call my own. For all I know, I could wind up just talking to the wall, expressing my opinion to no one, but I’m going to take the plunge anyway.

I hope anyone who stumbles across this blog will stick around and follow me, if only for a little while.