Fired Lesbian teacher not backed by union

As much as I would like for this to be a non-issue, it is and always will be. The union is wrong for not supporting one of its teachers.

A gay teacher who was fired from a Catholic high school in Ohio says she has been dealt another blow: Her local union isn’t supporting her.

Carla Hale taught physical education for 19 years at Bishop Watterson Catholic High School in Columbus. She was fired in March after her name appeared with her longtime lesbian partner’s name in her mother’s obituary.

The firing, which the school said was prompted by an anonymous letter from a parent complaining about a lesbian teacher, resulted in a heated debate on both sides for the diocese of Columbus.

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Breaking News: NBA Player Comes Out

This appeared at the top of MSN as breaking news:


NBA veteran center Jason Collins has become the first male professional athlete in the major four American sports leagues to come out as gay.

Collins wrote a first-person account posted Monday on Sports Illustrated’s website.

In the article, Collins writes: “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation. I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, ‘I’m different.’ If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.”

Good for him! I hope he is allowed to continue to play.


Young Lesbian

I had a friend visiting over the weekend and she informed me that her fiance’s youngest daughter recently came out to them. For the purposes of anonymity, I’ll call her Lil D. I’m thrilled to know that Lil D has a loving environment in which to express her sexuality with her parents when hundreds of teens don’t. However, her first relationship seems to be an unfortunate one. Lil D’s girlfriend seems to be the manipulative type. Apparently Lil D has never been the dress wearing type of girl yet the girlfriend has made her wear dresses to school every Monday for the last few months. One time that she didn’t do to unseasonably cold weather, the girlfriend got very angry. I hate to see someone mould themselves into what someone else wants them to be. Each of us – gay or straight – should be who we are and our significant others should accept who we are and love us in that capacity. I fear Lil D is in for a shock to her system, but I doubt anyone can sway her from this course as teens tend to think they all know best. I’m just glad her family will be there to help pick up the pieces when it comes to that.

France Legalizes Gay Marriage

This seems to have been way more of a struggle than it was down under (maybe being “upside down” clears the head of all of the bullshit?) but despite the hurdles, France has joined New Zealand, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries legalizing gay marriage.

PARIS — France legalized gay marriage on Tuesday after a wrenching national debate and protests that flooded the streets of Paris. Legions of officers and water cannon stood ready near France’s National Assembly ahead of the final vote, bracing for possible violence on an issue that galvanized the country’s faltering conservative movement.

The measure passed easily in the Socialist-majority Assembly, 331-225, just minutes after the president of the legislative body expelled a disruptive protester in pink, the color adopted by French opponents of gay marriage.

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New Zealand Approves Gay Marriage

I forgot that I heard about this on the way in to work yesterday. I’m glad that those cute Kiwis have approved gay marriage. Of course it seems that both New Zealand and Australia are all about the secular government, which I also like.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Hundreds of jubilant gay-rights advocates celebrated at New Zealand’s Parliament as the country became the 13th in the world and the first in the Asia-Pacific region to legalize same-sex marriage.

Lawmakers voted 77 to 44 in favor of the gay-marriage bill on its third and final reading Wednesday night. People watching from the public gallery and some lawmakers immediately broke into song after the result was announced, singing the New Zealand love song “Pokarekare Ana” in the indigenous Maori language.

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Catholic League President: Marriage is Not About Love

Well, I have to say that this explains a lot. Namely why the divorce rate is so high for such a sacred institution.

An outspoken and controversial Catholic leader claims that procreation, not love, is the reason why two people get married.

In an interview on Current TV’s “Viewpoints” last week, Catholic League President Bill Donohue covered a favorite topic — gay marriage — claiming the “idea of two men getting married is the most bizarre idea in human history.”

Christians, said Donohue, have an obligation to follow natural law. “Everyone knows in their right mind that the whole purpose of marriage is to have a family,” he told host John Fugelsang. “It’s not about making people happy. It’s not about love.” Every child needs a father and a mother, he continued, citing “social and psychological attributes.”

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Judge Rules in favor of lesbian couple

I’m glad these ladies won their suit. But I would like to point out that the defense lawyer’s got it wrong. None of her rights were violated. Especially not her First Amendment rights. These women aren’t trying to stop her from exercising her religion. She is free to worship who she wants, where she wants and how she wants, but she does NOT have the right to impose her beliefs on other individuals which is what she is doing by denying the Lesbian couple a place to stay simply because she disagrees with their lifestyle.

HONOLULU (AP) — A judge has ruled a Hawaii bed and breakfast violated the law when two women were denied a room because they’re gay.

The Hawaii First Circuit Court judge ruled in favor of a Southern California couple who sued Aloha Bed & Breakfast for discrimination in 2011, Lambda Legal announced Monday. In 2007, Diane Cervelli and Taeko Bufford tried to book a room at the bed and breakfast because it’s in Hawaii Kai, the same east Honolulu neighborhood where the friend they were visiting lived.

When Cervelli specified they would need one bed, the owner asked if they were lesbians. Cervelli responded truthfully and the owner said she was uncomfortable having lesbians in her house because of her religious views, the lawsuit said.

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Gay-Friendly Scouting Organization Doubles Membership

All the focus as of late has been on the Boy Scouts of America. I don’t know where the Girl Scouts of America stand, but I’m sure it has standards similar to BSA. Although it saddens me to know that if I had children, they would be excluded from either of these organisations, especially since I was both a Brownie and Girl Scout as a child, then later served briefly as a Scout Leader in my brother’s troop, I don’t feel the need to make a huge deal out of it. If the BSA and presumably the GSA want to foster exclusion, fine. Why do they have to be the sole organizations to teach our children the skills so famously touted by either organization? Why can’t new organizations be started which don’t exclude children or their parents for any reason? Thankfully there is such an organization: Navigators USA. They are small in number as yet, but all organizations start small. None has ever blasted onto the scene with a million members over night. Things take time to grow and thankfully Navigators USA is doing just that.

The Boy Scouts of America, which discriminates against gay Scouts, atheists, and families who want to put their sons and daughters in the same scouting program, has seen its membership plummet in the last decade. Many former Scouts have left scouting altogether. But a number of families fed up with BSA policies have found Navigators USA—a small organization that “welcomes all people…no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief” and has seen its chapters (comparable to Boy Scout troops) double in the last year.

“We knew the Boy Scouts excluded gays when we started, but we thought that was one of the old, outdated rules on its way off the books,” says Bryan Freed, whose family switched from the Boy Scouts to a Navigators chapter in Los Altos, California, after the Boy Scouts publicly reaffirmed their ban on gay Scouts and Scoutmasters in July 2012. “We told our 8-year-old son, Nathan, what we thought of the official BSA rule on excluding gays, and we let him decide.”

And for any in doubt about what the Navigators can teach your son, here’s their ‘Navigators Moral Compass’:

As a Navigator I promise to do my best
to create a world free of prejudice and ignorance.
To treat people of every race, creed, lifestyle and ability with dignity and respect.
To strengthen my body and improve my mind to reach my full potential.
To protect our planet and preserve our freedom.

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Man Arrested for Refusing to Leave Partner

This is wrong on so many levels. Someone who has power of attorney and therefore power to make medical decisions on behalf of the patient should have priority over all other family members. I hope the spiteful individual pays for this in some way and the nurse who refused to follow up on the information given should be fired. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy arrested sues the hospital.

A gay man was arrested at a hospital in Missouri this week when he refused to leave the bedside of his partner, and now a restraining order is preventing him from any type of visitation.

Roger Gorley told WDAF that even though he has power of attorney to handle his partner’s affairs, a family member asked him to leave when he visited Research Medical Center in Kansas City on Tuesday.

Gorley said he refused to leave his partner Allen’s bedside, and that’s when security put him in handcuffs and escorted him from the building.

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