States Banning Conversion Therapy

So so thrilled to see this as reality!! We don’t need to be “fixed” as there’s nothing wrong with us.

A record number of jurisdictions this year are taking aim at conversion therapy for minors: an attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity through tactics as obvious as hypnosis or as subtle as inducing shame.

Almost 50 bills have been introduced in 24 states targeting conversion therapy, which has been discredited by dozens of medical associations and child-welfare institutions. On Tuesday, 11 of them — including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Counseling Association — released a letter urging states to make such bills a priority.

“Being LGBTQ is not an illness,” said Xavier Persad, legislative counsel for the Human Rights Campaign, an LGBTQ rights advocacy group. “It is false that being LGBTQ is wrong and a disorder.”

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iPastor: Masturbation is Gay Sex

Hoooooooooo boy! Religion is stupid.

A notorious internet pastor has warned men not to masturbate because it’s “sex with a man” and that’s gay.

High school football coach and internet pastor ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire, who has a surreal online following, made the comments on his ‘Pass the Salt’ livestream.

You’ve just got to say no to it, as hard as it is. If you’re very honest about it, masturbation is homosexuality.

“You’re having sex with a man. You’re putting images of a woman in your mind, but you’re having sex with a man.”

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Homophobic Hate Group No Longer Silenced

This story is a bit old (last month), but still worth sharing. Thanks to the man occupying the White House, every good thing done in the last 8 years or longer is undone. The man has no impulse control. Funny, though, how he can do shit like this, but We the People aren’t allowed to express our hatred/strong dislike of him. Hypocrisy is rampant in the 21st century.

Donald Trump has become the first president to address the conference of a recognised anti-LGBT hate group.

Trump addressed the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit – classed as a “hate group” – as he told the crowds their anti-LGBT views would no longer be silenced.

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Waitress Denied Tip for ‘not loving Jesus’

Christians are beyond ridiculous sometimes. Well, most of the time.

A waitress who has a rainbow tattoo on her wrist has been left a homophobic note rather than a tip because customers assumed her sexuality.

Samantha Heaton works at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Illinois and on a recent shift, she served a couple who racked up a $60 bill.

Heaton explains that she went above and beyond for the couple, and during their time in the restaurant, neither religion or sexuality was discussed.

However, she was shocked that when she went to clear the couple’s table they had not left a tip, as is the norm in America.

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12 yo girl comes out to her Mormon church

This girl has more guts than many adults. And she is wise beyond her years for understanding that her god made her the way she is. She didn’t choose to be gay. Who among us would really wake up one day and decide, ‘I think I’ll do something to make the world hate me for the rest of my life.’

A 12-year-old girl defied all expectations and came out as a lesbian to her Mormon church.

Savannah Ward from Utah took the stand at the churches monthly Fast and Testimony meeting at the church.

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‘Christian’ Love Hard at Work

More and more I see so-called Christians expressing more hate than love. They play fast and loose with the words of the bible, picking and choosing what they feel their god has commanded of them. Amazing, really. Still, it amuses me to see people reacting completely opposite of what these haters expect. They cannot control people, much as they like to think they can. (I wish WordPress had emojis)

Facebook pages can be controlled and run in any manner that the creators see fit, but that isn’t going to stop other people from posting on them as they choose. The Christian Facebook page “Warriors For Christ” took it upon themselves to let all their followers know that if they posted a rainbow pride emoji, they would be banned. It may be needless to say, but the Internet took hold of things from this point, and the page is now colored in rainbows.

According to Patheos, the Christian Facebook page decided to post a status earlier this week that simply stated, “A rainbow emoji will get you instantly banned from our page.”

It was posted in all capital letters to get the emphasis and point across, but it really ended up having the complete opposite effect they likely desired.

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TX to Hire Random Contractors to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses by Phone

Maybe I should sign up to do this. They do stipulate that the “random contractor” doesn’t have to live in the county. They don’t stipulate that the contractor has to live in Texas.

Last Wednesday, the Texas Senate approved a bill that would allow religious clerks to opt out of issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The measure now goes to the Republican-dominated House, where it stands a good chance of passing. For the most part, the Texas bill mirrors other Republican proposals designed to let religious clerks refuse to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages. But it has one fascinating addition: The measure allows county courts to hire random people to issue same-sex marriage licenses so that anti-gay clerks don’t have to.

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James Dobson thinks ‘bisexual’ means ‘orgies’

It’s truly amazing how Christians speak with so-called authority on the matter of LGBT people and yet he’s got no fucking clue what anything really means. And just because you have a problem with us, does not give you the right to judge those REAL Christians who are okay with all of your god’s creations. Not just a select few.

Influential conservative Christian James Dobson reveals the depth of his own depraved ignorance by claiming “bisexual” means “orgies.”

Dobson, the founder of the powerful conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, made his ridiculous claim last week while speaking on his radio program  “Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson.”

Dobson, an anti-gay evangelical Christian, was taking issue with pastors “who are compassionate toward those who have attractions to same-sex individuals.”

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He said gays stole the rainbow from God

Sometimes the best response to ignorant drivel from asshats like this one is humor and Twitter users give it to him in spades. If Skittles’ slogan is ‘Taste the rainbow,’ the slogan for the LGBT community should be ‘Steal the rainbow.’

Cultural appropriation is still a genuinely difficult and hurtful part of society, and one that we’re in the process of challenging.

And that includes people who use it incorrectly to support hateful statements.

Take, for instance, Christian radio host Bryan Fischer, who yesterday tweeted that “LGBTs stole the rainbow from god,” adding that it was the “worst example of cultural appropriation ever”.

He then quoted a Bible verse in which God – after wiping out almost all humans in a global flood – shines a rainbow down as a promise not to end the world again.

“Give it back,” he ends, plaintively and pointlessly.

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Man Tried to Cure Himself of Homosexuality

It’s heartbreaking to know that even adults feel the need to cure themselves of something that isn’t a disease. He’s proof that it’s not the Christian God who hates homosexuals, it’s his followers.

Humans of New York has profiled a man who was subjected to gay ‘cure’ therapy.

At present, it is legal in nearly all US states to attempt to ‘cure’ homosexuality, even though experts say the practice can be deeply harmful.

The state of New York moved to outlaw gay ‘cure’ practises for minors last year, but adults are still free to seek treatment.

Photojournalist blog Humans of New York, which is run by Brandon Stanton, posts daily pictures of everyday people around New York – and attracts a huge following across the internet.

A picture from the blog went viral this week, featuring a man opening up about his relationship with faith and sexuality.

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