Stonewall Revisited

I recently discovered a podcast series to listen to here at work, which makes the time go by faster. It’s about New York City history, but as I’m a lover of history, I find it fascinating. These two guys – Greg and Tom – are fantastic in their thoroughness of research, finding photos to go along with a lot of the information they provide. The format is conversational and I really feel they do each subject justice. They also have regular blog entries without a podcast that also give a lot of historical information about various sites around this massive city. If they talk about a particular neighborhood, you’re given the history from the time of the Dutch settlement all the way to today. Today I’m listening to a follow up podcast on something they did in 2008 about the Stonewall Inn and the Stonewall Riots so I thought something like that should be known and remembered by all in the LGBT community and those who support us.

Revisiting the Stonewall Riots: The Evolving Legacy of a Violent Night