20 Things Mike Pence Has Done

With the exception of an infamous trip to see Hamilton last November and a controversy about whether it’s OK to dine with women other than his wife, we’ve heard relatively little about Vice President Mike Pence since the election. In May, CNN even ran a story with the headline, “Mike Pence’s Disappearing Act.”

Quick run down of the list. Follow the link at the end for further information.

  1. In January, Pence and others lobbied Trump to take hard-line positions on abortion, making good on some of his anti-choice campaign pledges.
  2. Pence has led the charge to advance Trump’s policy agenda.
  3. He’s been very vocal about supporting the use of tax dollars to fund religious schools.
  4. In January, Pence met with anti-abortion activists at the White House and delivered a speech at the annual March for Life.
  5. Pence spent much of February selling the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as “mainstream.”
  6. Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as secretary of education, the first time a vice president has done so on a cabinet pick.
  7. In May, Pence was named the head of Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
  8. Pence invited anti-abortion activists to the White House to discuss how to merge their agenda with that of the administration.
  9. Later that month, he would cast the tie-breaking vote to nullify an Obama-era rule allowing that Title X funds be used for family planning services.
  10. Pence has met with members of the financial industry and championed efforts to roll back Dodd-Frank consumer protections.
  11. In May, Pence addressed the Susan B. Anthony List “Campaign for Life” gala.
  12. Pence played a role in urging Trump to sign a “religious liberty” executive order during a National Day of Prayer ceremony.
  13. Pence addressed the first-ever World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians on May 11.
  14. At the University of Notre Dame, Pence delivered a fiery commencement address, targeting “political correctness.”
  15. In May, Pence started his own political action committee called the “Great America Committee.”
  16. In June, Pence was put in charge of U.S. space policy.
  17. He’s raised money for his own PAC and other political causes.
  18. On June 23, Pence addressed Focus on the Family, a powerful anti-LGBTQ organization, for its 40th anniversary.
  19. As special elections have popped up across the country, Pence has been hitting the campaign trail in support of his fellow Republicans.
  20. Pence has been pressuring Congress to implement anti-transgender policies in the military.

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