USCG Still Supports Transgender Troops

It’s fantastic to see that despite what the Commander in Chief wants or says, the real leaders of our military will keep the faith with all soldiers. I know there’s been the cry for the military not being the ones to pay the bill for someone’s transition, but let’s be honest: how many of them do you really know about? I can use one finger to count the one I know about and we only know of her because she was arrested for breaking the faith with the military and intelligence world. I bet you anything that if she hadn’t done that, we’d never know of her existence nor her transition.

WASHINGTON — The commandant of the Coast Guard said Tuesday that he would continue to support transgender troops under his command, despite Twitter posts by President Trump saying the government would not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the military.

The commandant, Adm. Paul F. Zukunft, said his office had reached out to the 13 Coast Guard members who self-identify as transgender after seeing the president’s tweets.

“That is the commitment to our people right now,” Admiral Zukunft said. “Very small numbers, but all of them are doing meaningful Coast Guard work today.”

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